Sweet Sharer: Life’s Adventures

Next up we’ve got Anna-Marie from Life’s Adventures. She’s got a great link-up she’d like you to take part in!


It is September and most kids are back to school! As homeschoolers there are many ways of doing school. Some school year-round, taking breaks whenever the need arises. Others follow their state school calendar. Still others prefer to school for a set number of weeks and then take a week or two off. However you decide to school almost all of us somehow manage to squeeze in a few field trips to enhance our children’s learning.

So today I am promoting one of the newest blog hops for homeschoolers. The Field Trip Hop!!! Homeschoolers from all over are sharing the adventures they are taking with their children and showing how learning can and does take place outside the home school class room! This is a month long hop so any field trip you take during the entire month of September can be linked up. You will read about some amazing trips and it just might give you an idea or two for your own children.

I hope you will come check it out and join in.

Anna-Marie blogs about her family’s homeschool adventures in the UK over at Life’s Adventures.