Sweet Critique: Time Island

You guys know my family loves video games.  We’re major Lord of the Rings Online gamers.  :)  So Babydoll and I thought it would be fun to review Time Island.

The premise of the game is that you are stranded on an island and must survive.  You have to keep yourself and your house clean, keep yourself fed, keep your energy up, build your survival skills, and stay free of the Goggs {really bad green guys…}.

You can explore the island, find energy and other items, shop for clothes, and play mini games.  Some of the mini-games are just for fun, some build your island skills, and others are educational in nature.  Babydoll loved the mini games.  There are even places to access do-at-home activities, which are educational in nature.

Babydoll took to Time Island right away and really enjoyed it.  I played with her for a bit as well.  The game is still in testing phases, but they’re progressing nicely.

I wanted to note that if you jump right into playing the game, there is a learning curve to it.  It’s sometimes not very apparent what you’re supposed to do.  The Time Island folks have dealt with that nicely by providing FAQ and training sections on the website.

All in all, I think the game is a cute and fun way for kids to spend their time.  The designers have made sure safety measures have been put in place for chat and other parental safety concerns, which is nice.  Babydoll gives her stamp of approval, too.

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True Confessions:  We were given the opportunity to play Time Island in exchange for a blog review.  This did not sway our opinions, and the blog review contains our honest thoughts.