Sweet Critique: Top Secret Adventures

Last school year I decided I really wanted Babydoll to study geography.  I am ashamed of my limited knowledge in that area, although I will say I’m not nearly as bad as many Americans…

I know several places incorporate geography into their items, but I wanted something specific.  Somehow I stumbled upon Top Secret Adventures by Highlights.

Top Secret AdventuresWhat is it?


Top Secret Adventures is a subscription-based service offered by Highlights magazine, from which Babydoll receives a new “case file” each month.  Her job as a detective is to open the top secret file, read the mission assignment, review the villain cards, and then complete her puzzle book using her guide book as a research text.  In addition, with your first shipment you receive a big world map, passport, and country stickers to use with each file.



I’d like to note that our pictures show a puzzle.  This month Highlights changed some of what they send in the files.  Previously, Babydoll received a puzzle that had to be put together in order to learn where she was going to be doing her detective work.  They now send a mission assignment, spy ring, and key chain with the country’s name on it.  Babydoll enjoyed “not knowing” where she was going, so it might be good to conceal that if at all possible until they’ve read their mission assignment.

What do we think?


We love Top Secret Adventures.  Babydoll anxiously awaits her package each month, and can’t wait to tear into it once it comes.  She learns all sorts of interesting facts about the  countries she’s studying, and she loves the puzzles in the puzzle book.

One thing to consider is the fact that each file only comes with stuff for one child.  It’s not an issue for us obviously, but if your kids will each want their own passport, stickers, map, key ring, and key chains, you’ll want files for each kid.  And yes, that could get expensive.  I bet you creative types out there could figure out a work-around though!

Also, this doesn’t do an extremely thorough job of reviewing each country, if that’s what you’re looking for.  What you will get is a great wealth of tips, trivia, and pictures related to that country.  You do learn a great deal, but it’s not a thorough curriculum if that makes sense.

Final thoughts…


Despite some of the things listed above, we love Top Secret Adventures.  Babydoll enjoys it and learns something from it.  We just started getting the USA version, so we’ll keep you guys posted!

True confessions:  I was not compensated in any way for this post.  We subscribe to this as a family and I thought it might be a great resource for others.