Sweet Plans: Homeschool Planning – Final Touches

This is the final post in the Sweet Plans: Homeschool Planning series.  Click each link for posts one, two, three and four.

Final touches.  What does that mean exactly?

Well, it depends on who you are.  For me, the final touches are checking to make sure everything is planned on the right day {since we school around Vince’s schedule}, making sure I’ve included our extra-curriculars, and making sure I’ve included our field trips.

To me, final touches are the things that aren’t hardcore curricula that need a day-to-day plan.  It’s making room for all the other stuff.

I think the final touches must be infinitely more important if you’ve got more than one child.  That might mean working in sports practices, dance classes, 4H meetings, and co-op.

I’ve learned it’s important to put in those non-negotiables, those things that you must get done.  For us, they’re math, science, grammar, and history.  Those must be on the schedule.  The other subjects are “extra” nice-to-get-done but not detrimental if they don’t.

Once I’ve got these things included on our schedule, the other stuff gets added in and adjusted as necessary.  I’ve found that by doing it like this, the priorities remain in place much better.

Nonetheless, I still suffer from burnout due to over-scheduling.  I’m going to try really hard to avoid that this year by learning to say no.

Here are a couple of articles on avoiding burnout as a homeschooler:

So, be sure to include variety and fun in your homeschool, but not at the expense of your sanity and learning.  Focusing on the final touches now might help you avoid headache later down the road.

Do you have any “final touches” you’d like to share?