Sweet Sponsor: SimplyFun – Math’d Potatoes

A Blogtastic Extravaganza 2.0 starts tomorrow!!  One of my great sponsors for the event is Simply Fun.  They produce board games that offer “learning and connecting through play.”

They sent us Math’d Potatoes to play and review {psst, this is what they’re going to offer one of you!!!}.

First, I was in love with the name!!  I mean, how cool is it?  It gave me a good teehee when I read it.

This is a quality product.  The box is nice and sturdy {and you guys know how sturdy a board game box needs to be…}, the pieces are great quality, and it’s packed nicely.

The game board and pieces are fun and colorful.  Who doesn’t want to roll stuff around in half a potato?

The object of the game {like many games} is to move your potato piece to the finish space.  To do so, you draw cards and, depending upon the card, one or all of you roll you dice trying to make a math equation to equal the number(s) given.

For instance, if you draw the potato card in the picture that reads “5 to 10,” you have to roll three numbers and two operations {addition or subtraction} that equal a number from five to ten.

Overall, we enjoyed the game.  The rules were a bit hard to follow {we had several questions as we played the game and had to hunt and search through the rules to find the answers} and there was some disagreement over whether the game should include negative numbers or not…  After playing the game a couple of times, I think it would become fairly easy to roll through and do it though.

I am so glad we got the game.  Babydoll and I have been trying to find time to play again.  It is stupendous at helping kids practice their math equations.  Just keep in mind that the game can take a bit longer than you might have thought based on how long it takes your child to figure out their equations.  There is nothing wrong with this, of course, just keep it in mind.

Math’d Potatoes retails for $38.  Want a chance to win one instead?

The super folks at SimplyFun are going to give one of you a Math’d Potatoes game!!!

Come back tomorrow and enter the A Blogtastic Extravaganza 2.0 giveaway for your chance to win!

While you’re waiting, go check them out on Twitter.

True confessions:  I was provided with the Math’d Potatoes game for review purposes, and SimplyFun is one of my ABE 2.0 sponsors.  As usual, this doesn’t mean I’ll give a dishonest review and it does mean I’ll let you know exactly how we felt about it.  For real, we liked it.