Sweet Critique: Planet Explorers

As most of you know, we homeschoolers are usually looking for a way to incorporate learning into everything.  That doesn’t just include your “typical” learning like math facts, literature, and grammar done with books or worksheets while sitting somewhere.  We really love to get down with some real-life-application learning.  That’s why I love Laura Schaefer’s Planet Explorers.

These books are travel guidebooks for kids!!  How genius is that?!?!

Oh, and they’re eBooks, available in a variety of formats, and super cheap {$2.99}!

Each book includes a wealth of information that will allow your child to help plan a family vacation such as maps, attraction tips, and tons of other random and important information.  Curious about height requirements?  Laura’s put that info in the book.  Want to know if an attraction might be too scary for your child?  That’s in there.  Want to know how exactly a Disney FastPass works?  Yep, in there, too.  I’m telling you, the amount of information she’s packed into these things is crazy!

Want to know my favorite thing, though?  Well, here’s a quote from the site:

She also wants each book to act as a springboard to further learning about geography, history, and science. To do this, links are provided throughout each guide to give readers more information about everything under the sun.

What more could a homeschooler want?  Laura has provided a rich resource that would be useful even if you weren’t planning a vacation.  Such a fun way to incorporate geography into your homeschool {or study time with your kid}.

I really recommend these books whether you’re planning a vacation or not.  They’re super awesome.

True Confessions:  I was provided with two Planet Explorers books in exchange for this review.  That didn’t sway my opinion one way or the other, I promise!