Sweet Sharer: Laura from Day by Day in Our World

Today’s guest post if by Laura from Day by Day in Our World.  She’s talking about something I never talk about: notebooking!!!  You guys should definitely enjoy this one!


So What’s This Notebooking Thing?

While there is always the exception out there, most homeschoolers I have met are not seeking to completely recreate the schoolroom experience in their homeschool.  Instead, many of us look for ways to facilitate our children in learning away from an endless array of worksheets and tests.

One of the ways that some of us have tried to broaden our child’s horizons is through a technique called notebooking.

On a basic level, it is a way to help guide a child in recording information they are learning.  As those studies progress, you can end up with a binder full of notebooking pages.

At it’s simplest, notebooking could be presenting a child with a blank page and giving them the starting point of what to record.

What I’ve found, though, is that the blank page is intimidating for a child.  Having something with more constraints can be more appealing.  A page with borders or even distinct areas to hold the information could make the entire process less intimidating for a child.

While some parents have both the time and ability to create their own pages, others might be a bit more intimidated over the process.  Picking up on that cue, there are companies that create nicely laid out pages for a parent to print out and present their child for using to record information learned.  And, there are other homeschool parents who share what they’ve created for people to utilize.

Notebooking Pages is one of my favorite sites for both purchasing pages or even finding a few for free.

Homeschool in the Woods utilizes notebooking pages in their Time Traveler’s Series as well as offers timeline figures that can be used in notebooking.

In the Hands of a Child, known for their lapbooking project pacts, has branched out to include notebooking page options for their studies.

Homeschool Share has notebooking pages to go with different unit studies.  This site is all free as homeschool parents share what they’ve created.

While I love the pages already created by others, there have been times when I needed to create our own.  This came into play more so with things connected to our religious studies.  But, I also pulled together pages for a co-op class I was teaching when we did an author study.

Saint Augustine Notebooking Page

I found a blackline house drawing that I pulled into Word and then added the lines to give the children a place for writing with space left for a drawing. – 26 Fairmont Avenue House Book

Laura O in AK homeschools her boys up in Alaska (aka The Last Frontier) where they incorporate a variety of learning techniques.  You can read more about their family’s journey through life at Day by Day in Our World.