TOS Sweet Critique: Big IQ Kids

Who:  Big IQ Kids

What:  Big IQ Kids is an “online learning academy” where kids can log in, complete fun, engaging and educational lessons and quizzes and play fun games as a reward.

Contact Information:  Contact Info

Cost:  Varies {Free option as well as a variety of paid options}

Age:  Kindergarten to 99

Big IQ Kids is an online learning website with an assortment of spelling, math, vocabulary, and US geography lessons and games available for all ages!  A new SAT Vocabulary Prep program is available as well!  They’ve given everyone access to the spelling and vocabulary program for free, and have a variety of price tiers for the additional programs.

Big IQ Kids

The sign-up process is so easy and takes just a couple of minutes.  Once you’ve registered, you’re ready to start completing lessons.  Since this is a mastery-based system, your child starts and progresses through, mastering levels as desired, and continues right along.

Big IQ Kids

When you click a lesson, it takes you to a screen similar to the one above, where you pick an intro lesson, complete it, and then complete other lessons.  Each completed lesson earns your child one coin that can be used to play a game or makes changes to your Big IQ Buddy.

Big IQ Buddy

Babydoll enjoyed the lessons and games, and really enjoyed playing around with her Big IQ Buddy.

I love that I can access progress reports to see what she’s completed, how she did, and what it covered.  I also enjoy the fact that Babydoll can’t spend all her time playing games, she has to earn them.  I’m totally fine with her accumulating coins and spending time just playing around, but she still has to complete lessons to earn those coins.

Big IQ Kids

The folks at Big IQ Kids also solved the whole moving on before a technique is mastered thing: kids can’t move up through the lessons until they’ve taken a mastery test for each one.  This is so important!

The only thing Babydoll and I had to get used to was the tutors’ voices for each lesson.  Each lesson is narrated by someone, which I think is a great idea, but it sounded very robotic.  Nothing at all that affects usability or functionality, but something we had to get used to nonetheless.

I plan to continue using Big IQ Kids as a supplement throughout the year.  We’ve got several materials we use for spelling, math and US geography, but I think the whole online thing really helps cement it in Babydoll’s mind.

I highly recommend Big IQ Kids as a supplement to what you’re currently using, no matter if your child is struggling or not.  The information is top-notch and I think many kids would enjoy the games and multimedia lessons.  Let me know what you think!!

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True Confessions:  I received two memberships to Big IQ Kids as a TOS Homeschool Review Crew member to help facilitate my review.  Receiving this {awesomeness} in no way influenced my opinion of the product; I wrote exactly what we thought about it.