What Bloggy Boot Camp Taught Me {The Not-So-Serious Edition}

Social Marketing for Women

I will definitely do a serious version, because really, there was a ton of valuable information I took away and I really don’t want to discount all the hard work that goes into BBC.


I couldn’t help but sit there today and think about a few things:

  • It’s a great feeling to hear someone say: “Oh yeah, I follow you on Twitter!!!”
  • Then it’s rather humbling when you realize nobody else in the room freaking knows who you are
  • You should definitely look into starting a domain name collecting hobby.
  • You can apparently take away many lessons from Twilight.
  • There’s no right or wrong, just good and bad.
  • Something you did in the past can really come back to bite you.
  • Everyone is friendlier once they’ve gotten some wine in them.
  • You should definitely make it to the appetizer table early.  Otherwise, you’re left with nuts.
  • Twitter is perhaps one of the single best things ever created.
  • The people on Twitter are actually real.  I even walked down the streets of Atlanta with one of them.
  • Comfortable shoes can still be uncomfortable once you’ve been walking the streets of Atlanta.
  • Yes, what they say is true:  Tiffany Romero really is perfect in every way, but especially when she has a microphone.
I had so much fun at BBC, and really recommend attending one if you can.  You’ll come away a different blogger.