Field Trip 1 – American Heritage Days at American Village

We recently went out first field trip of the year:  American Heritage Days at American Village.  I love that the facility setup a homeschool day for us; it’s always nice to get together with other homeschoolers.

The purpose of the trip was to learn more about life for early colonists and their struggle for freedom.  The village is set up well; you really feel like you’re back in time.

The big pretty building. The bathrooms were in here…

We started at a Stamp Act rally.

We then moved on to Confederate Army training.

Our Army camp

A couple of ladies taught us how to play a few games.

Then there was a hoops relay race!

And a hand ball game.

Babydoll also learned how to be a spy.

We met George Washington.

And I punished Babydoll!

We also learned about the dress and activities of that time period and tons of other stuff; it was so much fun! Babydoll and I even got a sneak peek in a building that is being completely restored to look like the first executive quarters.

It was such a fun trip; I really recommend finding something like this in your area!