Shopping for Kid Fresh Frozen Meals at Publix

Mealtime and what to feed my brood has been a subject of many a post here on Sweet Phenomena.  Shoot, it’s probably the subject of discussion for any parent in the world.  We all are too busy or too rushed or too not-Martha-Stewart-y to always have the meal thing down.

For us the killer time is soccer season.  With now practice three nights a week and games or tournaments on weekends, it’s really difficult to put together a good meal on those evenings.  Other times, field trips or other outing interfere with lunch.  And then sometimes there’s just not something we want in the house…

I’ve found some good solutions such as making enough food for leftovers or using the crockpot, but it still isn’t a cure-all.

I recently learning about KidFresh meals and thought they sounded like a good option for us.  They’re frozen entrees for kids that are packed with hidden veggies!  How cool is that?!  They look really tasty, so much so that I want to try them too!

Healthy Eating for Kids

I don’t have any magical formula for getting kids to eat well.  Fortunately for me, Babydoll has always been a great eater, trying everything from shrimp and escargot to salmon and calamari.  She loves fruits and vegetables.  So getting her to eat these things isn’t hard, but me providing the number she needs doesn’t really work out.

So if I can kill two birds with one stone and have a quick meal for lunch or dinner available that is also good for her, I’m thrilled!

I’ve found that many of my friends sneak veggies into meals as well by pureeing them or serving them in a new way {sweet potato fries!}.

I don’t have a whole lot of time on busy days to do stuff like this, though, so we’re searching for the KidFresh!

The Search for KidFresh

Babydoll and I checked out the KidFresh site to learn about the variety of meals they offer and where they were offered, and then headed out to the store.  We were very excited and planned to stock the freezer with the meals.

Our new Publix did not have the meals, so we decided to move on to the next one on the list.  There is a massive frozen food section to choose from:

Sadly, we were still without KidFresh meals.  But, the staff at each Publix store was so super helpful!  One called other Publix stores for us and even called their distribution warehouse to find the meals for us.

They mentioned that maybe it was something they were just now slated to start carrying and perhaps it would be in the store soon.  Another offered to fill out a special request form for me.  They really went the extra mile.  I called a few more stores and while they didn’t have the meals, they double-checked for me to ensure they couldn’t fill my request!  That’s good service!

We’ve got several more pictures of our lunch/dinner trials and our search for the meals on my thisMoment!

While we would have loved to have had the meals already, we are committed to waiting for them to arrive at our stores.  I’ll be filling out special request forms to make sure we get them!  I would definitely recommend looking over the site to see if they’re available in your area.

If you’ve had them, what do you think?

True Confessions:  This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #collectivebias.