Sweet Critique: Camtasia Studio Video Editing Software

Camtasia Studio is screen recording and video editing software by TechSmith.  It can be used to train, teach, and do just about anything else you’d want video for.

The thing is absolutely amazing!  I was a bit concerned about reviewing it as first because I’ve never really dabbled in video {although I’ve wanted to start vlogging}, but when it was mentioned that this could be used in homeschooling, I thought I’d give it a whirl.

What Can It Do?

Well, it can do more than I’d ever know how to.  You can use it to edit video, as I’ve mentioned before.  This is helpful for bloggers, families, and businesses; pretty much everyone.

There are tons of professional options in the software, and they’ve done a great job of providing tons of support videos.  This really eases any nervousness you might have.  I watched the intro/getting started video {I was really terrified when I first opened it up…} and immediately felt at ease and excited to use it.

What I really love about Camtasia Studio, though, is the ability to record what’s on the screen, complete with added audio and/or video {picture-in-picture}.  This is just genius, and could really be pivotal in the future of homeschooling.

Camtasia Studio gives you pretty much any option you’d ever want when doing this:  cursor highlighting, callouts to call attention to specific things, zoom, transitions, and much more.  You can really make your videos stand out.

In addition, you have the ability to record PowerPoint presentations.  You can do so with just audio, or {this is so cool} you can use a webcam to record yourself teaching, creating a picture-in-picture effect to go along with the slides.

Getting Started

I was up and running in no time.  Setup was really easy and nothing to be afraid of.  The good folks at TechSmith anticipated your needs and took the opportunity to proactively begin answering questions with a product tour:

Missed that? No problem, each time you log in {for as long as you leave it selected} you’ll have the opportunity to watch the getting started video.

In addition to the information in the software, there are a ton of resources on the TechSmith site to help you get the most out of the software.  I like the section on using the tool with PowerPoint.

How Can This Help Homeschoolers?

Oh man, I think the possibilities are endless!  Have a special talent that you feel would be easier taught using video rather than an eBook?  Use Camtasia to put it together.  Want to offer the co-op class you teach to students around the world?  Use Camtasia.  Want to add diversity to your teaching?  Use Camtasia.

I especially think software like this will be invaluable going forward because technology is becoming so much a part of homeschooling.  Just take a look at things like Khan Academy.

How Can This Help Bloggers?

If you want to at all get into vlogging, this is your man right here!  I would use this thing hands down to put together things for my blog.  This software will help you put together professional looking videos not only to engage with your readers, but to teach as well.

One last thought:  It’s pretty.  Sure, not a huge factor, but I’m a girl and I like pretty, classy, awesomesauce looking stuff.  Camtasia Studio is pretty awesomesauce stuff.

Now that I’ve made you want to start vlogging and teaching via video, don’t you want Camtasia?!?!  Well, the lovely folks at TechSmith are giving away a license to one lucky reader!!!  Guys, this is a $299 value!