Sweet Critique: Kirkland’s Piper Hurricane Candle Holders

I’ve mentioned before how I really suck at decorating our house. We’ve been here for two years and I have purchased an astonishingly low number of home decor items.

I’ve discussed this with others and we’ve determined that it’s because a) I don’t know how to decorate {give me a cake and I’m golden, a house though, not so much…} and b) I don’t just go looking for things.

Or, I see something I like, but have nowhere to really put it or it wouldn’t work in my space.

When things are brought to my attention, though, it’s much easier for me:  I can either say yes or no, depending upon whether or not I like the item.  This explains my excitement at reviewing this item; I was able to see it {love candles, love big over-the-top stuff, love versatile stuff}, determine that I like it, and then put it in my house.

What I Thought


Kirkland’s Piper hurricane candle holders are awesome!  While I haven’t yet found a place to put them {the places I have thought about, my cat or dog would mess with them}, I’m already excited about using them.  My favorite thing?  They are versatile:  you can use them to simply house three pillar candles or you can place other decorative elements inside as well.

I recently ran into pictures in a magazine where someone had placed various fall leaves and pine cones into the bottom {under the candle} and then put a coordinating candle in; this is genius!  You could change this as often as you like, matching it to all sorts of things!

These are also nice and big {14, 11, and 7.5 inches} and sturdy.  They’d definitely be a focal point, so if you’re looking for something understated in your space, these probably wouldn’t work.

Win a Set!


Kirkland’s has been nice enough to offer a set of Piper hurricane candle holders to one of my readers!!  Simply use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.

As a little side note, I wanted to point out that Kirkland’s has a community {MyKirland’s} where you can get reviews of their products {from actual customers}, design ideas, and other relevant information.  I think I’ll be checking that out through my design dilemma.

True Confessions:  I was provided with a set of Piper candle holders to facilitate my review.  All opinions are honest and my own.