Tailgating with Murphy USA

Murphy ExpressA few years ago, when Babydoll was smaller and Vince was out to sea, she and I would have our own little mini-tailgating parties.  We’d buy or make fun food that we didn’t always eat and sit around and watch football.

She’s now nine and says she remembers those little shindigs.  We haven’t at all kept up with football this season {we’ve been so busy}, but we decided that it would be fun to have a little special event and do one of our mini-tailgating parties again.

Party Prep

We were going to head to a Murphy Express gas station, a larger format Murphy USA gas station that also sells items such as snacks, drinks, and propane.  Not sure what we’d find, we made a list of things we thought we might want to purchase there.  Babydoll wrote it out, adding a thing or two!

When we arrived at the store, we discovered it was a smaller Express.  This probably meant fewer items to choose from, but we decided this was a challenge for us, and we embraced it!

This particular Express did not sell propane {although most do}, so we were unable to pick that up.  We went inside and found quite a bit of products in that little space!

Salty snacks - We found several things we'd never seen before, like a "Munchies" mix of Rold Gold, Cheetohs, Doritos, and Sun Chips.

Nuts, seeds, and trail mixes

More salty snacks, caramel Bugels {who knew?}, some popcorn, and a few meds at the top.

Movie theater candy!! It is hard to find some of this stuff anywhere else!

Well, we could get three of the things on our list, so we set out to find the chips, candy and drinks we wanted!  Babydoll quickly spotted the surprisingly large beef jerky section and set out to decide which thing she wanted.

Next we chose a Munchies mix, Bugels, caramel popcorn and a dark chocolate Milky Way. Yes, for us, our mini-tailgating parties are an excuse to eat a bunch of junk at one time. Don’t worry, we did supplement with some carrot sticks and guacamole!

We needed something to wash everything down, so I picked up a Smart Water {love those!} and Babydoll grabbed a chocolate milk.

Despite the small size of the store, and the large number of people waiting to check out, the process went pretty fast.  Each time the line got long, the clerk would call another clerk in to help out.  I loved that!

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up a few more items for our party, and we were set!

The Main Event

We made a few extra items to go along with our Murphy Express goodies, and settled in to watch the game.  Traditionally, we root for the Carolina Panthers {we’re a Carolina family}, but there game was not being broadcast here, so we settled on a Broncos/Packers game.  We’re not fans of the Packers, so we were hoping the Broncos could pull off a win!  It’s been chilly here, so we got comfy and started watching.

We waited for the Broncos to score and headed into the kitchen to feast!  Babydoll did a great job of laying everything out on the bar, so we sat there and finished out the game munching away.  It was so much fun and just like old time.

Only, I can’t handle all that junk anymore, at least not at once, so I had to add some leftover potato-corn chowder to the menu…

Unfortunately, the Broncos couldn’t pull off a win, but we still enjoyed ourselves and can’t wait to do it again!

If you’d like to see more pictures of our excursion, check out my thisMoment!

Check to see if there is a Murhpy Express in your area; many of them are quite large and look like they have a massive selection of products!!  You can also like Murhpy USA on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

True Confessions:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias  Of course compensation is fun, but restarting a fun tradition with Babydoll is priceless!!