TOS Sweet Critique: Visual Latin

Visual Latin
What:  Visual Latin

Contact:  Contact Information

Cost:  Varies.  You can get four intro lessons and two regular lessons for free, ten lessons at a time as a single family download for $25, the first ten lessons on DVD for $30, all 30 lessons on DVD for $80, or take live classes starting at $115.  Basically, you have quite a few options!

Recommended Ages:  Nine and up, although Babydoll wasn’t quite nine and enjoyed it, and I think she would have been fine doing it at age seven as well.  It’s totally up to your kid; as long as they can read and have a basic understanding of grammar and the English language they’ll be fine.

The Basics

Visual Latin is a Latin language curriculum taught by Dwane Thomas, either via download {computer or iPod/iPhone/iPad}, DVD, or live classes.  Worksheets for the student {and answers for the teacher!} are included and provide a way to practice what is learned in the lessons.


Visual Latin is divided into Latin 1 and Latin 2, each taking approximately one school year to complete.  Each video lesson is divided into three sections:  grammar, sentences, reading.

Options are available to create a high school foreign language course out of the curriculum.

What We Thought

Overall we enjoyed Visual Latin!  I’ve been wanting to try out a Latin program for quite some time, but didn’t have to chance to evaluate which one I wanted to try.

I like the fact that I was able to download the lessons to my computer and then use them either on the computer or on the iPod {extra practice, car schooling, etc.}.  I’m a big fan of the video format.  This could have easily been put in print form, but there’s definitely no way I could have a) gotten pronunciation down and b) made it nearly as interesting and animated as Dwane did.  He seems very excited about Latin {which I definitely would not have been} and that comes through in his teaching.


I found that the video moved a bit too fast for us at times, meaning we had to pause it and review what we had just learned, but that really was a non-issue since we can pause and play the video whenever we want.  Again, the beauty of the program:  you can play it and pause it and review it as often as you’d like!  I think this really wouldn’t have been the case for an older student, but since Babydoll is only nine, we had to take it a bit slow.

I also liked the fact that the worksheets helped reinforce the learning, but they weren’t a big component of the process.  I think something like Latin would bore someone to tears if it was worksheet-heavy.

Final Thoughts

Babydoll and I really enjoyed the program and would highly recommend it.  I like the fact that it is available for purchase in small chunks, so we can take it as we can.  This probably will not be a regular part of our school week right now, but I definitely want to incorporate it as a fun extra as we have time, and having it available in smaller portions helps.

I also think this helps reinforce the English language {and other language learning for that matter} really well.  It can help with spelling and several other subjects; it ties things together nicely.  Definitely give it a try!

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True Confessions:  I was provided with Lessons 1 – 10 for free in exchange for my honest review of the material as part of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew.  You got my honest opinions!