Babydoll’s Four Letter Word: Grammar

Growing With Grammar Level 3, Grammar Book When we started homeschooling, I quickly realized that Babydoll could not stand grammar.  She loathes it.  We’ve tried our boxed curriculum’s grammar program, some online programs, and a few other things here and there and nothing quite seemed to click.

The boxed curriculum just drug it out way too much.  I even got confused, and I like grammar.  The online programs worked well, but I didn’t feel it was complete.  I liked it for review and reinforcement, but not a curriculum.

We started the year with editing worksheets, and that seemed to drive points home, but again, it wasn’t new teaching.

What to do?

Growing with Grammar


Enter Growing with Grammar.

I don’t remember exactly how I found this program, but I did, and I decided to take a chance on it.

It looked fairly basic, and short.  You know, not a ton of verbiage and worksheets and other stuff.

And it’s child-led.  Score!

You know what always made grammar worse?  The fact that I didn’t know how to teach it to Babydoll in a way that made it understandable.  So, I was all for something that she did on her own.

I’m not gonna lie, though.  I had my doubts.  I couldn’t imagine something like grammar being done without my help.

But, again, sure, let’s go for it.  We won’t be any worse off…

How Did It Work Out?


Growing with GrammarFreaking wonderful!!  It seriously is like night and day.

Babydoll almost enjoys grammar, and I haven’t had to do anything!  She sits there, reads through her lesson, and then does the workbook practice.

The program does a great job of building on what was previously learned without making it seem so unbelievably repetitive.  I also like the way the program gives positive encouragement in the form of little “points to remember.”  I think this gives Babydoll just the right amount of confidence to get to the point where she doesn’t even realize she’s applying the rule anymore.

I know all of us learn in different ways, but I wanted to share our experience with this program and how happy we’ve been.

Do you have a grammar program you use that you love?

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I wasn’t asked to do this post or compensated in any way; we just use it and love it!