Sweet Critique: Barilla Whole Grain Pasta

Barilla recently launched their Barilla Whole Grain Taste & Share Challenge.  To help get the word out, they sent me a Challenge kit full of all sorts of goodies!!  I received:

  • Six boxes of Barilla Whole Grain pasta – Linguine, Thin Spaghetti, Spaghetti, Medium Shells, Rotini, and Penne
  • Barilla apron
  • Academia Barilla 100% Italian Olive Oil
  • Academia Barilla Balsamic Vinegar of Modena – aged 3 years
  • Academia Barilla Pesto Alla Genovese
  • Academia Barilla Canned Cherry Tomatoes
  • Academia Barilla Sicilian Sea Salt with Italian Black Olive

I was ready to start tasting!

What Did I Make?


Well, the genius people at Barilla came up with the Whole Grain Dinner Kit to help people find tasty and healthy recipes to prepare with their pasta.  It’s a pretty neat little doodad, definitely go check it out!

After using the Kit I decided on Rotini with Creamy Bolognese Sauce and Peas.  It was a special occasion recipe {which, in this case, meant it took a while to prepare} and we really enjoyed it.  Personally, it had a few too many peas for our tastes, but the overall dish was excellent!

The key to working with whole grain pasta is to properly prepare it* and flavor the dish as a whole well.

*  Prepare the pasta according to package directions, otherwise you end up with a gummy mess.  This means adhering to cooking time and heavily salting your water!

What Do I Think About the Pasta?


I love it!  I’m the first to admit that I steer clear of most whole grain stuff unless I know it tastes good.  We’ve tried other whole grain pasta and it just wasn’t good.  The texture was off and it was just blech…

Not the case with Barilla!  The pasta of course tastes different than traditional pasta {51% whole grain will do that}, but it’s a great wheat-y full-flavored taste that doesn’t overpower the dish.  The texture is awesome, pretty much like that of traditional pasta.

I was so shocked at how much I liked it that I decided to give it a second go, you know, just to make sure the first time wasn’t a fluke.

This time I used one of my recipes:  good ole spaghetti.  The only alterations I made were to include the can of peeled cherry tomatoes in the sauce and use the whole grain noodles instead of traditional ones.

How did it go?

Well, Babydoll actually said something to the effect of this being the best sauce I’ve made.  The pasta was still good, and filling.  Looks like the Barilla Whole Grain pasta really is awesome!  Yay!!

What’s This Taste & Share Challenge?


Glad you asked.  You can get all the details here, but basically by sharing your experience with others on Facebook, you AND your friends get Barilla coupons.  Awesome!

I’m so excited to let you guys know that Barilla is giving three of you {!!!!} a Taste & Share Challenge Dinner Kit just like mine!  Use the Rafflecopter form to enter!!

True Confessions:  I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Barilla and received a Taste & Share Challenge Kit to facilitate my review, kits to giveaway, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.