Sweet Critique: #ClearAmerican Water #CBias #ad

Clear American WaterWe all know how important water is to our well-being.  But it’s not really fun to talk about hydration.  Sure, it’s important, and sure, it’s way better for many of us when that water is flavored.

But, have you ever thought about cooking with flavored water?

Some of my Social Fabric peeps have made some super awesome stuff with the water:  peach soda, a patronus spell cocktail, summer treats, and pina colada cake.

I love coming up with and trying new recipes, but I really wanted to make this water work for us…  What could I do?

Getting the Water


Well, first I had to get the water.  Can’t experiment if I don’t have the tools.  There’s a pretty decent selection at our Walmart, although apparently there are a ton more flavors than what we had.

I let Babydoll help me pick a few flavors.

We decided on:  lemon, strawberry, wild cherry, and raspberry apple.  Know what else is cool?  These big old bottles are only 64 cents!  This was infinitely cheaper than the other waters.

Breakfast with Clear American


One of the first things that came to mind was using the water in breakfast foods.  I sometimes make a bunch of quick pancakes and freeze them for Babydoll.  You know, the really easy ones where you just add water?

Well what the heck, I’ll use the flavored water!  We can even make it fancy and call them “scented” pancakes.

Clear American Water

Then I thought, “We also like cream of wheat, but it gets pretty old sometimes…” So, I decided we could use the flavored water to give the cream of wheat some kick!

I’m on a roll now… You could add this to biscuit recipes for a sweet biscuit, coffee cake recipes, muffin recipes, you could do tons!

Bonus Clear American Treat


Babydoll recently got a snow cone maker.  She’s wanted one forever.  But, me being the stellar mom I am, I forgot to buy the syrup.  New solution:  syrup made with Clear American flavored water.  That gives you a ton of possibilities for flavors!

Can you guys come up with any fun ways to use the water?

You can find Clear American on Facebook, Twitter, and on this great page {which also has some killer recipes – like deep fried Oreos}!

True Confessions:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #CBias, which is a vendor for Cott Beverages Inc., the manufacturer of Clear American® brand beverages.  All opinions are my own.