Sweet Critique: Essure

Yes, I know, this is a personal decision.  That said, it annoys me how many people {strangers} think it is their business.

I strongly believe that most of us grow up with a feelingof how many children we want to have, or if we want any at all.  I never planned to have children, and Vince didn’t either.  I just always knew I was good with none.

Of course, once Babydoll came along I absolutely grew to love her and wouldn’t give her up for all the chocolate in the world.  That didn’t change the fact that I didn’t want any more children.

I was 21 when I had Babydoll.  After I had her, I told my doctor I wanted my tubes tied.  She thought I was crazy and didn’t really know what I was talking about.  Long story short, it took me until I was 28and Vince was about to get out of the Navy to convince them to allow me to make this decision for myself.  Even after they had “agreed” they wanted me to first get written permission from my husband…

I guess if there was one good thing to come out of all of this it was that I learned about Essure.  I really didn’t want to have to go through having a tubal ligation, and there was no letting Navy doctors near Vince’s nether regions, so I searched for another way.

I stumbled upon an ad for Essure, read up on it, and thought it sounded like a great thing!  No cuts, no long healing times, just a simple in/out procedure.  I happened to be having surgery for something else, so I asked them to do an all-in-one for me, including the Essure procedure while I was under.  The good thing about Essure, though, is that you do not have to undergo general anesthesia to have the procedure done.  It can be a simple outpatient doctor’s visit for you without any cuts or invasive surgery.

They obliged and when I came to I had the procedure done and was so ecstatic!  I had no recovery problems.  I did have some spotting for a few months, but to me, that was a small price to pay for finally knowing I would no longer get pregnant.

The one thing that my doctor noted might be an issue was that since I would no longer be on hormonal birth control, my periods would go back to the way they were pre-birth control.  That hasn’t been insanely fun, but again, you can’t have it all:  I’ll take non-hormone affected periods over pregnancy chance any day

I still find that even two years later so many women don’t know about Essure.  There are a variety of reasons that you might find yourself considering sterilization, and I really encourage you to research it to see if it’s right for you.  Granted, I’ve never had a tubal, but I did quite a bit of research on the subject and came away findingthe benefits of Essure far outweighed the benefits of a tubal.

Perhaps you have financial or emotional factors weighing on your decision.  Maybe you just “know.”  Each person is unique and each person has reasons for having as many or as few children as they’d like.  We as women really need to start supporting each other in this important decisionand stop judging others based on our own set of beliefs.

So, I’m curious to know: How and when do you decide your family is complete?Join the conversation and be entered to WIN the designer handbag of your choice(Up to a $500 value) from Essure!

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