Sweet Critique: Invisalign

InvisalignInvisalign TeenHow many of you had metal braces growing up {or right now}?

*raises hand*

I did!  And I had a particularly pleasurable experience.

My Experience


Not only did I get to wear metal braces, I was allowed to get a jaw expander {super fun!} AND to wear the braces for about three and a half years.

My teeth weren’t terribly crooked, but I have a freakishly tiny mouth.  The orthodontist needed to spread things out a bit more and that took time and pain.  Lots of pain.

Let me tell you, feeling your entire sinus region “moving” as your mother has a “key” in your mouth expanding a metal appliance in the top of your mouth is uber disgusting.  I shudder to this day thinking about that…

Then there was the fun of having food stuck on top {there was a small space between the roof of my mouth and the appliance} and the inability to talk properly.

That one probably takes the cake.  And I couldn’t say the word “cake.”  It came out more like “kek.”  Yeah.  Cheesecake came out like “teeskek.”  That was a ton of fun to deal with as a sophomore in high school.

The braces hurt, the metal irritated me, but it was all in the name of straight teeth so dang it, I was doing it.

Don’t get me wrong; I am so grateful to my mother and stepfather for getting them for me.  My teeth were crooked and I had a weird tiny mouth, so I loved my teeth/mouth when it was all said and done.  But had there been an option like Invisalign at that time, it would have been ten times better.

Side note:  If my research is correct, Invisalign was introduced to the public in May, 2000, which was right around the time mine were coming off.  The story behind the invention, though, is pretty neat.  Never really knew how they were invented.

The Real Deal on Invisalign


There is actually a ton I could tell you about Invisalign.  I had the pleasure of attending a breakfast they held at Bloggy Boot Camp and learned quite a bit and had a lot of questions answered.

I think the biggest shocker to me was the fact that I don’t have to wait till Babydoll has all her permanent teeth in to start her treatment.  I haven’t had her evaluated yet, but if/when she needs orthodontics, I can get started sooner rather than later, and I like that.  Invisalign treatment accounts for the growth of new teeth and you’re good to go.

I also enjoy the fact that Invisalign has tailored their product to the needs of teens.  This shows me that a} they’re in tune with what their customers need and b} they’re an innovative company that is always working to make awesome breakthroughs.  Both are serious wins.

Blue compliance indicators {you’re able to see if they’re actually wearing their aligners}, guaranteed replacements, and less time at the orthodontist are all awesome benefits of the Invisalign Teen system.  Looking back on my experience with braces, I’m sure my mother would have really enjoyed not having to worry about broken wires and {seemingly} constant orthodontist appointments.

And, Invisalign is just freaking cool!  Their newest edition, G3, is their third generation product with advances such as smart cuts {the orthodontist doesn’t have to manually cut the aligners to allow for rubber bands} and smart force {allows a computer to accurately predict what needs to be done for each tooth to achieve the look you want and need}.

The Nitty Gritty


Invisalign treatment generally lasts for about the same amount of time as traditional metal braces, and also usually costs about the same.

Check out this little presentation I put together for even more detailed information about the products.

I Want It


While I had traditional braces, I didn’t wear my retainer like I should have.  For the record, I swear I don’t remember the orthodontist telling me I needed to wear it for the rest of my life…

At any rate, my teeth have shifted, and I’ve got quite a bit of an overbite now.  I hate it because I regularly bite my lip when I’m eating; not cool!

Even my bottom teeth, which have a permanent retainer {I learned at the breakfast that it wasn’t permanent – awesome!} have shifted.

I’d love to be able to use the Invisalign product to get my teeth back to the way they should be; it would totally rock!

Who knows, maybe Babydoll and I could sport our mouth bling together

True Confessions:  I was compensated for writing this sponsored post.  I did actually have metal braces, I did actually have a jaw expander, and I did actually have to wear them that long.  I learned a ton putting this together, and I hope I’ve provided you with information you might not have known otherwise!