Sweet Critique: Torani Flavored Syrups

Torani flavored syrupsFlavored coffee is all the rage nowadays.  So many folks can’t live without it.

When I do drink coffee {which seems to be more frequent as I get older}, I want it flavored so I don’t actually taste the coffee.  All the power, none of the taste.

Aside from flavored creamer, I never attempted to flavor my coffee with anything other than sugar and cream.  You know, a sweet creamy flavor?  But there’s so  much more to try, like Torani flavored syrups.

Torani Syrups


I’ve heard about Torani flavored syrups for years {they used them at the restaurant I used to work at}, but never bought any to try.  I’m not sure why…

I recently had the opportunity to give a couple of the syrups a try, and I’m amazed.  Really.

Quite honestly, I wondered just how good a syrup can be.  I was worried they’d be “flat” and syrup-y sweet.  And sugar free?  Oh man, I was scared…

I was so wrong.  These things have such deep flavor, that’s what really stuck with me.  It has great depth of flavor that really adds a great flavor to coffee.

I think the fact that it’s sweetened with Splenda {and not a chemical} really helps with that.  I liked the slight vanilla aftertaste it left, kind of like the slight warmth of chili-spiked chocolate.

Torani has over 100 flavors {that’s crazy!}, and you can read my review {as well as reviews my others} on SheSpeaks.

I just saw that they have a peppermint flavor; I think that’s next on my list!!

I’ve got a coupon code to share with you guys so you can purchase a bottle or two or 12 for yourself:  shespeaks.  You can use this code on Torani.com to receive 10% off your order!

Do you use Torani flavored syrups in your coffee?  Which flavors do you like?