Sweet Side: The Day Baby Was Born Web Application

Tommee Tippee, maker of tons of great and natural baby stuff, has come up with a cool new way to commemorate your baby’s birth: The Day Baby Was Born!

This free service allows you to choose a variety of media to include in your digital storybook such as social media information related to the pregnancy and birth, news and facts about the birth day, and pregnancy journal info.  Check out a sample book here.

What I love about this is that it is so simple, however, if you want, you can choose to put a bit more effort into it and really customize the book.  Either way, you get a great keepsake.

Once your book is ready, The Day Baby Was Born creates pregnancy and birth announcements for Facebook and allows you to share your book online.

While I won’t need this, I thought many of you that are still having children, or who know friends and family who are, might like knowing about this awesome free service!