Sweet Steps: How To Create a Google+ Album

With a fairly new beast like Google+ comes a learning curve when doing things like creating a photo album.  Quite frankly, I don’t think that feature is all that user friendly.  The only way I figured it out was to do what I always do:  click buttons and hope it works.

I’ve sent these instructions to a few folks and they’ve loved them, so I thought I’d post ‘em here for all of you!

  • Log in to Google, go to Google+.
  • Up top, next to the Google+ logo on the left, click this: Google+
  • On the left, under your pic, click this: Google+
  • Click: Google+
  • Name your album or add it to an existing one: Google+
  • I select them from my computer: Google+
  • After pics are uploaded, click this: Google+
  • Tag if you want.
  • I don’t share at this point, since I’m not done with it, so I just cancel: Google+
  • You’ll then see a big square with the album/photos you just uploaded. Click on it.
  • Now you’ve got all the pictures you uploaded to that album in front of you. If you click on one, it brings it up bigger, on a black background, where you can add captions. I do that next.
  • Finally, I’ll go here: picasaweb.google.com. Your albums should be visible there. Click on the one you want to re-order.
  • Up at the topish, toward the middleish lol, you’ll see “Organize.” Click that and then you’ll be able to click, hold, and drag them into place. Click “done” when finished.
  • That should be about it.  Be sure to go back to your album in Google+ and click “Only You”: Google+
  • This will bring up sharing options, click this: Google+
  • Then choose “Public.”
That’s it!  It’s so super simple once you know how to do it!