Sweet Studies: Lapbooks

LapbookingBabydoll and I learned the latter part of last year that we really enjoy lapbooking.  It combines our love of learning with Babydoll’s love of cutting, pasting, coloring, and creating.

Until recently, though, our lapbooking was strictly for fun {like when we did the chocolate lapbook}.  As this year has continued, lapbooking has become more of our core work in certain subjects, thanks to finding a few awesome publishers and resources!  With so many resources that really turn these into full-on unit studies, why not give them a try?

The First Lady of Lapbooking


Amanda Bennett Unit StudiesMaybe there is a better term for her, but Amanda Bennett was the first place we ever got a lapbook, so for me she is the First Lady.  I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon her site, but I’m glad I did.

What I like best about Amanda’s products is that they are like uber-lapbooks:  you get a unit study and lapbook in one.  See, that’s how we like to roll.  If you’ve been reading Sweet Phenomena for any length of time you know that I’m not a fan of putting together any sort of curriculum on my own.  It’s just not me; I’m not good at it.

This is where products like Amanda’s come in:  I can get a unit’s worth of education in while at the same time making it interesting for Babydoll.  She’s got stuff that can be completed in a week, stuff that takes a month, and geography stuff!

The Smorgasbord


CurrclickAnother of my favorite resources for lapbooking is Currclick.  Man, I could spend days there.  They’ve got lapbooks from a variety of publishers, on a variety of subjects, in a variety of lengths.  Hence, my little nickname…

It is important to note, though, that Currclick doesn’t just sell lapbooking stuff; they sell all sorts of educational resources such as notebooking pages, review worksheets, and eBooks.  They even offer live online classes.  Babydoll did one and really enjoyed it.

There are free resources and really inexpensive resources.  I don’t think I’ve ever encountered something that I thought was crazy expensive.  As a matter of fact, no matter what my current budget is like, if I’m in need of something to drive home a concept, I know I can go to Currclick and get something without worrying.  Plus, I absolutely love that I get instant gratification with a PDF download for most of what I buy!

The Lone Wolves


While looking for a few options for a study we have coming up, I stumbled upon a few sites that I totally heart!

  • Dynamic 2 Moms – Extensive, detailed, totally cool, totally unique {Iroquois Confederacy?  Glass Blowing? Score!} lapbooks for FREE.  That’s right, free!  What more could you ask for?
  • Homeschool Launch – OK, so it’s not necessarily all about lapbooks, but they’ve got mini-books, notebooking pages, and a ton of other cool stuff.  For free.
  • Homeschool Share – OMG, squee!!!!  It’s what I’ve always dreamed of {you know, since we started homeschooling…}:  a site with blank templates for all sorts of mini-books, pockets, graphic organizers, and a ton more!  Oh, and it’s free.
  • The Home School Mom – A list of sites with all sorts of lapbooking information and resources!
  • A Journey Through Learning – Great lapbooks and unit studies, as well as one of our favorites:  binder builders.  They’re like lapbooks on steroids.

I’m excited to move forward with this chapter of learning, but more importantly, Babydoll is excited!  I’m loving that we’re making homeschooling our own.

Do you use lapbooks or similar manipulative resources?  Which ones are your favorites?