Ten Long Years…

Today is our ten year wedding anniversary.  I was just kidding about the “long years” though.

They’ve flown by, and they’ve been filled with tears, laughter, underwear pulled over heads, vomit, moves, the Grand Canyon, and tons of other stuff.

We’re not terribly sappy with each other, so I don’t want this to turn into a big gush-fest, but I will say that I’m glad we’ve made it through all the ups and downs.

Marriage is hard work.  You don’t just automatically like someone for the rest of your life once you get married.  You have to work at it.  You have to make time for it.  You have to want it to work.  Most of the time it didn’t feel like work, it felt like fun.

Well, we apparently wanted ours to work, and we’ve made it work.  We’ve lasted much longer than many other 30 year olds do.

Dear, let’s rock out another ten; it’ll be totally rad.