TOS Sweet Critique: Math Mammoth

Math MammothWhat:  Math Mammoth


Cost:  Varies by product {curriculum or supplemental}; we reviewed the complete grade 3 curriculum and it’s only $34 for a ton of downloaded content.  There are even options ranging from $2 to $7.

Recommended Ages:  Varies; Math Mammoth has done a genius job of putting together content that not only goes by grade level, but by subject as well, so you can start whenever you feel is best for your child.

cover for Math Mammoth Grade 3-A Complete WorktextWhat Is Math Mammoth?


Math Mammoth is a math curriculum written by homeschooling mom Maria Miller.  She has created a self-teaching curriculum filled with a ton of information!  Math Mammoth is available as grade level curriculum, subject matter curriculum, or many other supplemental worktexts.

Products are available in a variety of formats:  downloads {the best option in my opinion}, printed, and CD.  As of November, 2011, the downloadable versions come with PDFs enabled for annotation, which means they can be completed directly on the computer {love that!!}.

Ms. Miller has made a variety of lesson types available {categorized by color}, and that can sometimes become confusing.  There’s a great FAQ that details what each type is.

What Did We Think?


I am very appreciative of the variety available with Math Mammoth.  So many times we’re forced to simply choose something by grade level, or in a package that is only partially relevant to our child.  With Math Mammoth, you have a much better chance of tailoring a math program to specifically fit your child, and it’s non-consumable.

Our grade 3 curriculum came with worksheets, tests, cumulative reviews, a user guide, cutouts, extra worksheet creator, and much more.  I liked how I could pick and choose what I wanted and leave the rest.

Another facet of Math Mammoth that I really like is the Make It Real Learning series.  These books, written by a math teacher, feature more advanced math in ways that it is applicable to everyday life.  I think this makes for much more interesting learning.  You can get each title separately for $4.99, or you can get all the titles in this series for only $39.99.

I will say that for a child like Babydoll who tends to get a little scared when there seems to be quite a bit of text on the page, this might be a scary thing for them.  There is a lot of text on these pages!  With that said, when you actually read through it, the teaching is very to-the-point and there is just plenty of practice built in.

What Did Others Think?


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True Confessions:  I was provided with curriculum materials to facilitate my review.  All statements are my own.