TOS Sweet Critique: Wreaths of Maine

Wreaths of Maine

You know what smells really nice?  I mean, in addition to cupcakes and Italian food and fresh bread…

Balsam fir.  But really, all of us can’t scoot up to New England and grab one to stick in our house.  That would just be absurd…

But there’s good news:  The wonderful folks at Wreaths of Maine create lovely wreaths from these firs and ship them directly to you.  With the variety of styles available, you’re bound to find one {or three} that would look gorgeous in your home!  And then there’s that whole smell thing…

Wreaths of MaineThe Wreaths


As I’ve mentioned before, Wreaths of Maine has a variety of wreaths for sale.  That one over there to the left {with a cute little girl holding it…} is ours.  It is a perfect size {in my opinion}, not too large but not tiny either.  It is a nice full wreath, no peaking through those branches!

The price is great, too.  You can get a wreath for as little as $31, and believe me, that’s a steal!

Each wreath is placed on the frame by hand by a wreathmaker {I like that job title-how fun!}, and contains an average of 32 bouquets.

They come packed tightly, wrapped in wax paper to keep the wreath intact and the moisture in.  I was amazed at how well it was packed and how nice the wreath looked when we took it out.

And, finally, I’m happy to say this is easy to care for.  Sweep up a few needles, spritz it with water.  That’s it.  Awesome.

Homeschool Fundraiser


Yep, fundraisers.  I was particularly happy to see this, seeing as how we’re homeschoolers and all.  Fundraisers aren’t just for homeschoolers though.  This is quite possibly my favorite sentence on the site:

Fundraisers are for groups, families, and individuals that need to raise funds.

Need funds?  Sell wreaths!  Of course, you have to have a good reason or people probably wouldn’t buy from you…  But you guys wouldn’t sell for not good reasons, would you?

I’ve heard of homeschoolers using proceeds from these fundraisers to fund science fair projects, field trips, and other great stuff.  The company was started by homeschoolers, and I love that they’ve found a way to help others!

The sales kit is full of everything you’d ever need to sell the wreaths and start earning commissions.  They’ve really made it easy.  You get envelopes to send orders back to Wreaths of Maine, address labels, order forms, color catalogs, easy instructions, and selling tips.  Selling wreaths is really simple with the system they’ve set up.  Quite honestly, you could get this kit and start selling the same day; it’s that easy.

Final Thoughts


I love my wreath.  I love that the company allows others to sell the wreaths and earn money.  I think it’s a win/win for all involved.  Definitely check them out, and go ahead, get yourself a wreath.  You won’t regret it!

But, just in case you don’t believe me, head over to Crew blog to check out what other members of the Homeschool Crew think!

True Confessions:  I was provided with a wreath from Wreaths of Maine in exchange for an honest review.  All statements are my own.  I really *heart* my wreath.  Get one, seriously!