A Pink and Sparkly Roast

A few months ago I joined a super-awesome community:  Social Fabric {SF}.  I’ve had the opportunity to participate in all sorts of fun stuff, and really analyze brands, shopping, and user experiences.

Christy Thompson Gossett

This post isn’t about me though, or SF for that matter.  It’s about one of the first peeps I met when I joined SF:  Christy Gossett.  A few of us are participating in the “Roast in a Post” of SF members, and I was assigned Christy.  I was secretly excited to have Christy…  But not in a creepy stalker way.

So, what does this have to do with the title?

One of the first words uttered {typed} to me from Christy were something about how sparkly stuff is awesome.  Oh man, I knew if I didn’t like anybody else at SF, I’d like Christy because, well, anyone who thinks sparkly stuff is awesome is OK in my book.  And, if they like sparkly stuff, there’s a good possibility they like pink.  You guys know how I love me some pink…

Christy’s Internet Real Estate


Her blog, Insanity Is Not An Option, is pink.  And sparkly.  That’s just totally awesome.

On her totally awesome pink and sparkly blog, Christy talks about her family, her life, and products she enjoys.  As I perused, I noticed how open she was about everything, and I love that.  You can really get to know a blogger that way.

A couple of posts I liked {for this very reason} are one in which she mentions how her two sons {five and three} are listed as primary tenants on the lease {that’s just too good, unless of course, you’re experiencing it – and for the record, I hate the situation she was in} and one in which she encourages us to remember the sparkly things in our lives.

The Person Behind the Blog


I probably should have started with this, but then I wouldn’t be me…  Christy is the mother of four children whom she absolutely adores.  See, they’re right over there *points right*.

She adores her mother and has a whole album on Facebook dedicated to her.  She loves her husband and children.  She loves sparkly stuff.  She’s OCD {hey, I can relate}.  She’s a vegetarian that loves the smell of steak cooking.

Christy calls Palmyra, NY, home, but was born in Long Beach, CA.  She moved 13 times in 13 years after that!  She currently lives on the “island” known as Galveston, TX.  Her two oldest daughters live in GA and she wants them home for Christmas more than anything.  I bet you, even more than pink sparkly stuff.

Christy hates Twitter.  But she has embraced it.  She seems to use it rather well…  You can find her here.

She seems to be experiencing the same type of “are you freaking kidding me” that I experience here in AL.

My Personal Thoughts on Christy


I don’t know her all that well, and that’s my fault.  She’s always on top of things over at SF, so it’s not like she’s hiding.  I just put way too much on my plate, so I’m always zooming in and out.

I do know enough about her, though, to know that she’s a fun-loving, caring mother and wife.  She says what’s on her mind {and I can totally appreciate that}.  She always seems to have a positive outlook on things, and that’s contagious.  She is outgoing {at least on the interwebz} and always ready to make someone feel normal and welcome.

She’s a great asset to the SF community and I look forward to keeping up with her!  Be sure to check out her blog {linked above}, her on Twitter {linked above}, and her on Facebook.  It’ll give you a much-needed laugh in your day!

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