Sweet Cause: Brave Woman

Brave Woman domestic violence resourcesDomestic violence is something that affects women from all walks of life. There is no special pass that assures you that you won’t be affected. Even if you are never personally abused, chances are you know someone {or will know someone} who is.

Let’s Chat


If you have any experience with domestic violence, you probably know that many people don’t want to talk about it.  Or, maybe they don’t have any reason to talk about it.  The problem with this is that these people remain uneducated about ways to help someone in the event they need to.  Talking is one of the best things you can do to help end domestic violence.

Where do you start, though?  I’m happy to introduce Brave Woman:

Brave Woman is a grassroots movement to shift personal and public perception of women facing domestic violence situations from a victim mentality to one of courage and strength. The ultimate goal is action to create a world community that

  • Supports difficult decisions involved in creating a new life of safety, healing and independence.
  • Is aware of the presence of domestic violence and its impact on families.

Brave Woman is not only a resource for those in domestic violence situations, but also a resource for those of us who are not.  Did you know that it’s not a simple decision to just leave an abusive relationship?  Do you know the multitude of things that must be considered when trying to leave?  It is very important that as you help someone, you also respect the decisions they make and continue to support them.  This site gives you tons of great information about this.

Brave Woman Pledge


There is a pledge you can take on the Brave Woman site.  The pledge allows you to commit to speaking out against violence against women and children and vow to honor and respect them.  I invite you to take the pledge.

In addition to the pledge, there are other action items such as becoming an advocate, telling your story, watching videos of brave women, and making a donation.

Brave Woman Twitter Party


I’d love for you to learn more about this wonderful grassroots movement.  They will be hosting a Twitter party on December 19th, 1-2 pm EST.  Attend and learn more about Brave Woman, share your story, or be inspired by others.

Final Thoughts


As many of you know, I saw my mother being abused for a good bit of my childhood.  I vowed to  never let that happen to me.  Thankfully, I’ve been fortunate.  The fact of the matter is sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you find yourself in a situation like this.  It takes more courage to leave than anyone who hasn’t been in that situation can imagine.

By sharing stories and learning about resources, we can help each other by shining a light on this far-too-common occurrence and helping women learn that they are not victims, but brave individuals who will no longer stand for this treatment.

For more info, feel free to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

True Confessions:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  As many of you know, though, this is a cause I am passionate about and will continue to discuss and bring you resources.  We have to stop this.  #CBias #BraveWoman