Sweet Critique: Cookie’s Kids #LuvCookies #cBias

It is downright shameful how long I’ll wait to get Babydoll clothes. No, she’s not walking around in stuff that is way too small, and she always has plenty of clothing, but I wait till the last possible minute to go and buy stuff.

I think part of this is the homeschooling; she doesn’t need that many “wear out” clothes.  But, she’s a girl and she likes clothes, so I’ve been trying to be better about getting her a few things here and there.  This is why I was so excited to work on this particular campaign, and Babydoll was equally as thrilled!

What Is Cookie’s Kids?


Cookie’s Kids is an online department store for kids.  They’ve got uniforms, dresses, shoes, scarves, anything and everything.  Babydoll loved looking around the site and seeing what they had.  They have sooo much.  She, of course, wanted everything…

It was fun to see how excited she got; we sat there for quite a while as she looked at clothes and shoes.  She knew she had to narrow down her choices, so she ended up picking a shirt and a dress:

The prices were great, in my opinion.  Babydoll is a fan of stores aimed at girls her age, and some of the stuff is cute and age-appropriate, but it’s so stinking expensive.  She’s generally limited to one item per season because I just refuse to spend more on her clothes than I do my own.

Shipping was as expected, which was great considering it was over a holiday weekend.  I got my items on time.  Overall the process went smoothly, and Babydoll enjoyed it quite a bit.

The Clothes


The box came, and Babydoll was excited to get it open!  She modeled her new items for me:

There were a couple of things that we thought could use a bit of work.  The size charts were not complete.  We liked how they had some of the brands’ specific size charts {brilliant!}, but for brands not listed, the general charts were mainly geared toward uniforms.

Also, the colors on the site don’t necessarily match the item.  Babydoll’s shirt is a lot darker than we expected.  The dress shown on the site seemed to be party length, but when we got it, it was much longer.  I think they used a picture of a smaller size.

These weren’t huge things for us, but if you’re looking for something very specific, you might want to keep this in mind.

That said, I would probably shop here again.  I can get the styles Babydoll wants at a much more affordable price than other places, and I like that.

They also have a referral program, which many might like.  For every person who signs up under your link, they will get a $10 credit!  Also, when they make their first purchase YOU get $10 credit too!

I’ve got more pictures of our shopping experience here if you’d like to check them out!

True Confessions:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias