Sweet Social Media – Brands and Bloggers

Social MediaAs bloggers, we’re all involved in some sort of social media, even if it’s just a small amount. Blogging is a form of social media.

Some of us do it because we’re hoping to make a career of it, some do it as a personal outlet, others do it because they enjoy writing.  There are countless reasons we play at the social media playground.

And since this playground is always getting new additions, it never stays the same; it’s always evolving.  That makes it fun for those who know how to adapt to the ever-changing game.

Then there are those who don’t see the value of the new stuff.  They don’t see how it is useful to them.  This short series will take a look at the relationship between bloggers and brands:  why it’s useful {for both parties}, a few really bad experiences I’ve had, and finish up with some great ones I’ve had.

For now, let’s take a look at the unique relationship that exists between us and brands.

Brands and Bloggers


Many businesses are learning the value of bloggers.  We are word-of-mouth.  We develop a following of readers that enjoy what we have to say.  Just because they don’t make a current purchasing decision based on what we have to say, the seed is planted.  They now know of a product or service, and will likely remember it when and if it ever comes up again, whether that be in their own homes or those of the people they interact with.  And so on and so forth.

In addition to the powerful voice we have on our blogs, many of us are involved in activities outside of our blogs that put us in constant contact with people.  These are connections as well, and they’re connections that can help or harm a business.

I enjoy this relationship.  I enjoy learning about new products, learning more about products I already use, and really working to promote companies I enjoy.  It’s fun and it’s interesting, and most bloggers take this job very seriously.  As a blogger I have the opportunity to have my vote count, to sing the praises of brands I love from the rooftops, all while being compensated.  It’s great!

Some companies, though, haven’t realized the untapped potential in bloggers.  Next week we’ll talk a bit about a few places that don’t quite get how to interact with bloggers.

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