AL Public Television Live Electronic Field Trip – Mount Vernon

I’m so excited to share this with you guys!  Next month, AL Public Television {APTV} will present Exploring Mount Vernon, a free electronic field trip, and anyone can participate!

During the field trip, students will be taken to Mount Vernon, complete with Mr. and Mrs. Washington, and will learn about the farms there, the blacksmith, Mrs. Washington, and other fun stuff!  Students have the opportunity to submit questions prior to the event for inclusion during the field trip, as well as vote on the questions others have submitted.  In addition, there will be live polling during the event.

APTV has provided some great teachers’ resources, including pre- and post-trip activities {they rock!}, as well as tons of links to even more resources.  This can really help bring history alive for your students!

Be sure to register now so you can get countdown emails with tons of great info.  Let me know if you decide to participate!