Blissdom Goals

I'm Going to Blissdom!I’m still crazy excited about going to Blissdom, and still can’t quite believe it!  I can’t stinking wait!  It’s going to be so much fun, I’m going to learn a ton, and hopefully I’ll meet some great folks.  I’m also excited about doing something for myself!

That said, I’m still super nervous.  I know everyone says not to be, but I think it’s only natural to be even a tiny bit nervous.  I don’t want that to overshadow my experience, though, so I decided to come up with a few Blissdom goals:

  • Meet at least five new people.  I want to approach five completely random strangers.  Well, ones that are there for Blissdom as well…  Not just random folks in the hotel.
  • Meet at least two bloggers from blogs I follow.  I know for a fact that at least two blogs I follow will be represented.
  • Meet Alli Worthington.  She is, after all, one of the creators of Blissdom.  And I’ve heard you just have to meet her because she’s so stinking fabulous.
  • Meet at least two bloggers that I’ve been conversing with prior to the conference.  I have a spreadsheet, but not in a crazy stalker kind of way…
  • Actively participate in the Newbies event.  You know, actually go and talk and interact, instead of standing there thinking, “When is this over so I can go throw up…”
  • Take time to review the various tracks and choose ones that will benefit both me as a person, as well as Sweet Phenomena.  Blissdom is about finding your bliss.  Not just in blogging.

That’s it for now.  As things get closer and I learn more, I’m sure I’ll add goals to this list.  I want to take full advantage of the conference, and someone suggested coming with goals in mind was a great way to do this.  I love that idea.

Will you be heading to Blissdom?  I’d love to meet you.

Oh, and I heard tell that there’s another Blissdom ticket giveaway coming this week…  They’re sold out, so I would jump on it!