“The Complete Idiot’s Guide” & “For Dummies” Smack Down

I am crazy behind in posting this review.  Like, embarrassingly behind…  However, I stick to my commitments, and while I should have posted this a long time ago, I’m posting it now because I said I’d review these items.


I was sent a copy of two books:  The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Facebook® {TCIG} and Facebook® for Dummies® {FFD}.  I was asked to give an impartial head-to-head comparison of the two books.

I’ve never read a book from either series, so I thought this would be really interesting.  Right out of the box, I already had a few opinions…

Looks Matter


TCIG is a much more manageable size than FFD.  It’s lighter and smaller, and I prefer that.  It’s likely that someone would be carrying this book in a laptop bag or something similar, and smaller and lighter is better.

Cover Art

This may not be important to some, but I noticed it and wanted to include it in my comparison.  I prefer the cover of TCIG to that of FFD.  I’m not a fan of yellow and black together period {except on bees}, and on the cover of a book it’s just too harsh to me.

The FFD book also seemed jumbled and cluttered.  Personally, I don’t need to see, on the cover, what I’ll be learning.  I can look in the table of contents for that.


I prefer the font spacing in TCIG.  It makes it a bit easier on the eyes while reading.


I prefer the extras in TCIG to those in FFD.  The icons are more pleasing to the eye and the content seems to cover a wider spectrum, while still giving detailed and pertinent information.

Content is King

Table of Contents

Hands down the award goes to TCIG.  Not only does the table of contents show you exactly what you’ll be learning {in great detail-allowing you to pick and choose your topic if you’d like}, it’s layout is much nicer.

Visual Aids

Both books include a variety of visual aids, but I think TCIG uses them more effectively.  The standout?  The little lines/captions that really break down a photo in TCIG; no wondering what that button over there does…


Again, TCIG wins this one hands down.  I was completely amazed at the detail with which they give instructions.  I chose to look at the chapter on uploading pictures in each book.  While they both went over how to upload photos, TCIG broke it down into every tiny little step.

For someone who knows this stuff, it’s not earth-shattering.  But, for someone who is afraid any little touch will break everything, this is priceless.  It leaves nothing to question.  Excellent!

Material Covered

TCIG seems to cover quite a bit more than FFD.  While the latter gives a good overview of what you need to know to get started using Facebook, the former goes into all sorts of detail; I even learned a few things!

The Verdict


While I personally think TCIG comes out on top, FFD is not a bad book by any means.  I am glad I was exposed to the TCIG line of books, though.  I look forward to looking into those if I ever have questions that they have covered before.

True Confessions:  I was provided with a copy of both books and asked to do a side-by-side comparison.  Having never read either series before, I had no loyalty one way or the other.  These were my honest opinions about the two books.