i.am.bloggerThere’s been a lot of talk recently among bloggers about moving to self-hosted WordPress. I know quite a few bloggers that have “lost” their blogs this week on Blogger.  So not cool.

This has caused many to bite the bullet and make the switch.  For what it’s worth, it’s really not as scary and expensive as everyone thinks it is.  And, for what it’s worth, you really, really, really should make the switch sooner rather than later {it’s easier to make sure everything transferred over/is linking correctly, you can work on getting that Alexa rank down, you won’t lose all your hard work, so many reasons!}.

Twenty70 Hosting


I just recently learned about this company, and I have to say, I wish I had known about it before.  Here are a few of the great things about Twenty70:

  • It’s woman owned -  I’m all about supporting the ladies.
  • It specializes in WordPress hosting with servers optimized for WordPress – Specialization like this rocks.
  • They own their own servers - Yeah, again, this rocks.
  • They’ve provided partial and full conference sponsorships over the past two years - I love that they support bloggers!

Kelly really works to create a bond between herself and her clients, which is way more than you can expect from other hosting companies.  And want to know what’s really awesome about Twenty70 hosting right now?

They’re offering the i.am.blogger hosting package, which gets you:

  • $5/month WordPress hosting
  • Free domain name for life
  • Transfer assistance
  • cPanel control panel {love cPanel!}

That’s it:  $5/month.  No contract.  No “pay for five years at $5/month”.  Just $5.  Per month.  You can do monthly or yearly billing.  Again, this is awesome!

I know a couple of bloggers that use Twenty70 hosting and love it.  I’m in the process of talking with Kelly about hosting for my stuff right now!

Let me know if you decide to go with Kelly, and if you have any questions!

True Confessions:  OK, I must confess:  I did write the post for a chance to win $100 spending cash at BlissDom.  I have not personally used Kelly’s service, but really do know bloggers who sing her praises to anyone who listens.  I am also really talking with her to see what I can work out for my stuff, because I really like the way she deals with customers and the great service she offers!