Our Homeschooling Week in Review

We had a great week this week!!  Our new “system” is working really, really well for us.  I can’t wait to share it with you guys, but I’m giving it some time to settle in before I let you in on it.  I want to make sure it is working!

What We Did This Week


We actually got quite a bit accomplished, although history and science did slip by the wayside a bit…

Math:  While Babydoll has the concept of multiple digit multiplication down, I noticed that she was struggling with recall of her facts.  I’ve been meaning to try out the new version of Timez Attack {new to us, anyway; we’ve been using it for about four years}, so I downloaded the free version and assigned her 30 minutes a day.  

At first she got a bit frustrated because it’s a somewhat fast pace and the game was a little different than what she is used to, but she quickly caught on and is already showing improvement.  I like that this version has built in retention, and I think we’ll be purchasing the additional levels with more advanced retention soon.

Grammar:  Babydoll continued working in her Growing with Grammar book, reviewing things such as common and proper nouns, correct plural spelling of certain words, and the use of commas in a series.  Much of what she is working on in this book is review, but since grammar wasn’t our strong point last year, I really wanted to make sure she understood it before we moved on.  She’s really glad we are doing so, and she loves this curriculum.

Science:  We continued our speedy lapbooks on planets.  We’re about done with the solar system.

History:  We took a break and researched/learned about women in history.  This was a lot of fun!  Babydoll enjoyed learning more about lesser known females from history.  We also talked about the power to make changes that even just one person can have.  By evaluating her talents, we focused on how she can use what she has to be a great person!

Literature:  Babydoll continued to do 30 minutes {or more!} of free reading each day.  This week we’ll be working in Reading Eggs as well, since we’ll be reviewing that for The Old Schoolhouse.

Blogging:  We’ve had the most fun with this lately!  Given all the folks who have had their blogs suspended on Blogger lately, I decided I’d like to move Babydoll over to WordPress.  I got her transferred over, but we’re still working on making it pretty!

Of course, the WordPress platform takes some getting used to, especially since I haven’t yet purchased a premium theme for her.  I’m used to Thesis, so a free theme was a bit hard for me!  To make it fun {and easy}, we used Join.Me to screen share so she could see what I was doing on my screen, and vice-versa.  She thought it was the coolest thing ever, and we really had fun doing it.

I was able to walk her through the basics of her dashboard, as well as how to write a new post.  We still have tons more to do, but that was a start.

We’re looking forward to another great week and can’t wait to share it with you guys!