Post-Blissdom Blues

That’s probably not the best title for this post, since I am thrilled to be back home with my family!  But, you just can’t deny the fact that going from dressing pretty, learning about/talking about/breathing blogging, dancing, and room service back to cleaning, errand running, and stuff is a bit hard.

I miss the great ladies I met. I miss the buzz that was in the air. I miss all the learning. I miss being able to say “I’m on WP and use Thesis” and knowing that people would understand. I miss all the tweeting!

But, there’s one thing that helps me put it all into perspective:

I found my Bliss.

I had five days to sit and gain better perspective of myself and where I’d like to be headed both professionally and personally.  I have ideas.  I have worksheets {the branding and you session was deep man}.  I have an awesome book to read.  I have new friends.  I am excited.

I plan on doing a complete Blissdom wrap-up post, but I wanted to share a few pearls of wisdom I took away:

  • Do not compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.
  • Determine what your core values and strengths are, what your goals are, and this personal realization will guide everything you do, both personally and professionally.
  • Always hydrate while dancing for three hours.
  • The floor at the Gaylord Opryland is one of the most comfortable places to sit.
  • Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and you’ll be rewarded.
  • Just go up to people and introduce yourself. Nine times out of 10 they don’t bite and you’ll be so glad you did.

OK, that’s all for now.  Look for my Blissdom re-cap and some great new stuff here on Sweet Phenomena soon!