Blissdom Breakdown 1: Be a Quitter

Blissdom Conference 2012

I know Blissdom happened almost two weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy since I got back, I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and digest what I learned.

There was so much information to digest, I can’t fit it into one post. So, I’m doing several.  This first post is about the opening keynote.

The keynote was delivered by Jon Acuff {of Quitter fame}, and was excellent. All the homeschoolers sitting at the breakfast table with me were constantly verbalizing their agreement with what he said.

Some of it stung, some of it made a light bulb go off over your head, some of it was just plain funny.  Here is what I took away from that keynote:

  • We are the first generation that needs to have a digital footprint talk with our kids.  What they put on the ‘net will stay there forever.
  • I need to figure out my dream. To do so, I need to rescue something from my past that I have a passion for; I don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Ask myself: “What did I love?”, not “What do I want to do?”
  • Don’t spend my time aimlessly trying to make money with my blog. I might find myself spending time making enough money to buy back the soul I sold along the way.
  • Don’t compare my beginning to someone else’s middle.
  • Look for hinge moments, those moments that are pivotal in making my dream a reality. The moments that open up that special opportunity.
  • Make time for things that matter, the 3D people in my life.
  • Let my kid be my kid, not my content all the time.
  • Kids don’t live in the later.
  • Learn to disappoint the right people. Hint:  my family is not included in that list of people.
  • Ignore the voices. Both internal and external. Stop chasing after haters. Pay attention to those who love me.
  • Critics math {1 hater + 100 folks who love me = 1 hater} makes those who love you disappear. Don’t fall victim to it.
  • Don’t be afraid to jump shelves. If my heart is taking me in a different direction, follow it. Those that matter will still be there for me.
  • Something that is 90% perfect and shared with others changes the world more than being 100% stuck.

There was quite a bit more packed into that session, and I can’t wait to get access to Blissdom at Home to review it. Thankfully, Jon gave us all a copy of his book so that we could continue to learn about being a quitter and pursuing our passion.

See, that was the overreaching theme of Blissdom: pursuing your passion. Letting everything you do flow from that passion. Living your life in accordance with that passion.

It was absolutely phenomenal. If you ever get a chance to attend Blissdom, I would recommend you do so in a millisecond. It perfectly married technical know-how with lifting you up as a person.

I came away with a much clearer idea of what I wanted to do with my blog and where I’d like to take it in the future. I felt that I belonged. I belonged to a group of caring, creative, and visionary people.

I’m a dork and I almost teared up during the opening video. I couldn’t believe I was sitting at Blissdom, at a table with homeschool bloggers I’d been following since I started blogging, getting absolutely incredible info.

Here is the opening video, courtesy of the Blissdom folks. It is posted on their homepage, but I am sharing it with you here in hopes that it will inspire you.

BlissDom ’12 – Opening Video from Blissful Media Group on Vimeo.