Blissdom Breakdown 2: Branding YOU

Blissdom Conference 2012

You can read my first breakdown post here.

One of my goals for attending Blissdom was to gain knowledge on growing my brand, building a business.

I have a business management degree and have started a couple of businesses, but blogging as a business is its own animal, so I really wanted to soak up as much knowledge as possible at the conference.

On Saturday afternoon I attended what turned out to be my favorite Blissdom session:  Branding YOU:  The Merger Between Their Perception and Your Reality, by Tami Heim.

In addition to being an engaging public speaker, Tami presented information that was both interesting and useful, deep and meaningful and actionable.  She graciously gave us permission to share this information with others.

This post is a bit long, but I really encourage you to bookmark it and come back to it if you can’t read through it all now.  It’s great information.

What is a Brand?


Simply put, a brand is an emotional or intellectual connection between you and someone else.

Your brand is about your target audience.  It’s what you want them to feel when they see the visual representation of that brand.  It’s what you want to cause in someone.

The trick to getting this right is to properly convey this to others.  If you’re brand is cute baby stuff, your visual representations will not likely elicit thoughts of anger, disgust, or contempt.

And like it or not, we have about four seconds to get that point across to our readers.

How Do You Get It Right?


Tami came at branding from a personal and internal standpoint.  Once you know who you are, your brand can reflect that and everything will flow from that concrete knowledge.

It will enable you to only take on work that is truly in-line with your brand.  It will enable you to do the work you were meant to do, and nothing else.  It provides an awesome sense of focus and purpose.

So, how do you come about this great revelation?

Blissdom’s sessions this year were broken up into instruction, group work, and Q&A time.  Tami did an outstanding job of talking a little and then giving us time to work with others at our table.  She did this, back and forth, as we worked through three different sections of our worksheets:

The Journey from the Inside Out

For this section, we used a Core Values worksheet and a Strengths reference guide to come up with our five most important core values and our five greatest strengths.

Being You

In this section, we listed our priorities and goals and the impact our success in achieving these would have on others.  Here’s one of mine:

My goal: raise a strong, independent, fearless daughter / The impact:  a woman who knows she has the power to change the world

We then took a personal stand; we created an “I AM” statement:  who you are, what you do, and how it impacts others.  My statement is:

I am a passionate wife and mother who thrives on achievement and cultivating the best family possible.  I strive to empower others through my curiosity, vitality, and love of learning by sharing helpful and relevant information.

Through this, you can determine if you are sharing relevant information, working in conjunction with your “I AM” statement.

The Merger of Your Reality and Their Perception

Extraordinary behaviors follow extraordinary thinking.

If you are consistent in working within your “I AM” statement, the perception the world has of you will be aligned with the way you want your brand perceived.

Tami had us list five personal, professional, and digital {specific} behaviors that reinforce and reflect this.

The Art of Living Out You


This information is taken directly from our worksheet, and is written by Tami Heim.

Choose:  Every decision is yours alone to make.

Commit to be YOU:  You are one of a kind and it’s tragic if the world misses out on all that is wonderfully you.

Accept responsibility:  Own that you have the power to cause whatever your words and actions direct.

Empower yourself:  The past is the past, but the future is full of possibilities for you to embrace or create.

Review your brand framework:  Keep what you believe to be true ever before you.

Stay focused on the goal:  Recalculating your direction delays you from getting to your destination.

Make every action count:  If every action causes an equal or opposite reaction, know in advance what you desire to cause.

Repeat and repeat again:  Your heart is a muscle and with enough repetition it will know how to respond.

Take the high road:  Forgive, move on, and you will remain free to get where you desire to go.

Consult the trusted:  Truth from trusted friends accelerates the merger between your reality and the world’s perception of YOU.

So what is your brand framework? Do you have it figured out? Will you be working through this process?