Blissdom Breakdown 3: Real Peeps

Blissdom Conference 2012

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One of my Blissdom goals was to meet at least five new people while there.  Check baby!

There’s something really satisfying about meeting people that you’ve seen online.  They’re real!

Sometimes you feel like you’re old friends despite never having met.  And then, going forward, you have a basis for a great friendship even if you don’t see each other for at least a year…

The first day, during registration, I met Misty from The Family Math {no, it’s not a math blog}.  As in, I went to stand in line for registration and she introduced herself.  Just like that.

Turns out we were following each other already and had had a few interactions on Twitter.  I don’t think we could have planned that any better.

Going forward, she was my conference buddy; a friendly face to look for in the crowd.  A fun person to make plans to attend events with.

After the {awesome} Handmade Marketplace, I wasn’t quite sure what I’d do to kill time until the Newcomer’s Meetup.  Walked out of the room and there was Misty with a group of women, sitting on the floor.

I joined them.  Perhaps one of the best decisions I made at the conference.

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We sat.  We laughed.  We grew in numbers.  All newbs.  It was awesome.

I met:  Issa, Shelley, Lisa, and Esther.

Later that night, at the Kick-Off Reception, I got up the nerve to approach Sue, Wendy, and Meghan.

I wanted to meet bloggers I’ve been following for some time, and I’ve been reading these homeschoolers’ blogs for some time.

I was terrified, but glad I did.  They were all super sweet and gave me some great company during the event.

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The next morning I had breakfast with a bunch of homeschoolers.  Totally rocked!

I met Tiany, Amy, Susan, and others!

I met many more wonderful women, and I know I haven’t listed them all here.  I have yet to get through my huge stack of business cards.

I met women at sessions.  I met women at parties.  I met so many women.

It felt like community.

It was awesome.