How I Do Our Homeschool Daily Lesson Planning – Part 2

The first post in this series can be found here.

So how, specifically, do I use Dropbox for our daily lessons?

I was already inputting daily lessons into Excel.  I printed each spreadsheet and put it into a binder for Babydoll.

She had a week’s worth of lesson spreadsheets in her binder and she used that to know what work she would be completing each day.

When we didn’t get around to completing some lessons, we had problems with the system.  The rest of the spreadsheets in the binder reflected completion of the prior day’s work.

Sure, it was easy for me to go into the computer and make changes on my end, but that meant I had to re-print this stuff to give it to Babydoll.

Dropbox allowed me to continue using my spreadsheets and sharing them with Babydoll, only it was done electronically.

This way, if changes needed to be made, I could make them and they would automatically be updated on her computer.


  1. I decide on what work we’ll be doing for the week and input the lessons into Excel.  Each day has it’s own spreadsheet, and is saved as it’s own file with the date {this would be “3-17″}.
  2. Each file is saved in a Dropbox folder.  This folder {named by Babydoll} contains all of the daily files I have.  Generally that means the current week’s worth of work, and the days we’ve completed.  As we complete a day, the file name is edited to read “Date – Complete”.
  3. Each day Babydoll knows to check her Dropbox folder after her chores are finished.  She works on her independent work first and then we complete the work we need to do together {this stuff is italicized}.
  4. After completing each assignment, Babydoll opens the file and fills the cell with color and adds a little note to me.

As I said earlier, this system has worked really well for us for several months now.  If I need to make changes, I can do so immediately and they’re also updated immediately on Babydoll’s computer.

I can  make changes from my phone or my computer.  It also keeps a record of attendance for me since I mark each day’s file complete once it’s finished.

This might not work for some, but it’s something that’s proven to be a great way for us to do this aspect of homeschooling.

What’s your favorite way to keep track of what your daily work should be?