How I Do Our Homeschool Daily Lesson Planning – Part 1

As I’ve progressed through homeschooling, I’ve learned that there are several types of planning that need to take place:  lesson planning, school year planning, curricula planning, etc.

Some take longer than others, but they’re all integral to the success of your homeschool year.

I am by no means an expert, and am still in that “we’re trying different things to see what works” phase, but I’ve given my current method a try for almost three months before coming forward with it.  It seems to be working better than any other method I’ve tried, by leaps and bounds, so I wanted to share.


I am a gatherer of information.  That’s always been my knack.  While this skill has many benefits, it also has a few drawbacks.

One of those drawbacks is the ability to be swayed by eye-candy.

By this I mean that it’s easy to see what others are doing or using and then want to try it myself.

Sure, this works well for the most part, especially when it comes to homeschool planning.  It does, however, take me out of the equation.

I hadn’t ever really sat down and thought about how I might do our lesson planning.  I “ooooed” and “ahhhhed” over everyone else’s methods, but nothing stuck.

They weren’t me.


One day I was talking with a fellow homeschooler about something completely unrelated.  She was sharing something in Dropbox with me, so I signed up for an account.

I quickly fell in love.  I’m a huge tech nerd and just fell in love with the concept.

Dropbox is essentially file sharing.  What I put into a folder in Dropbox can be accessed by those whom I share it with.

Plus, Dropbox has wicked cool artwork:

Photo Credit

Babydoll has a computer, and I’m pretty much always on my computer {or tethered to my phone}.

The light bulb came on:  Why couldn’t I use this for daily lesson planning for school days?

Stay tuned for the second part of this series {on Monday} to find out how I use Dropbox to accomplish this task.