Sweet Giveaway: UPrinting Business Cards


It’s giveaway time!!!! Business cards are quickly becoming a must in today’s world, and not just for traditional business owners.

Moms have calling cards, bloggers have business cards, it’s a great way to let your brand shine through and get your contact information in the right hands.

UPrinting {they have great stuff!} is giving away business cards! 250 to be exact!

Here are all the details:

  • 250pcs Die-cut Business Cards for one winner
  • 2×3.5″ Rounded Corners, 2×2″ Rounded Corners, 1.75×3.5″ Rounded Corners, 2×3.5″ Leaf, 2×3.5 Rounded one corner, 2×3.5″ Half Circle Side, 2×3.5″ Oval, 2.5″ Circle
  • 14pt Cardstock Gloss / Matte / High Gloss (UV), or 13pt Cardstock Uncoated
  • 6 Business Days Turnaround time
  • Free US shipping only

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Blissdom Breakdown 1: Be a Quitter

Blissdom Conference 2012

I know Blissdom happened almost two weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy since I got back, I haven’t had a chance to really sit down and digest what I learned.

There was so much information to digest, I can’t fit it into one post. So, I’m doing several.  This first post is about the opening keynote.

The keynote was delivered by Jon Acuff {of Quitter fame}, and was excellent. All the homeschoolers sitting at the breakfast table with me were constantly verbalizing their agreement with what he said.

Some of it stung, some of it made a light bulb go off over your head, some of it was just plain funny.  Here is what I took away from that keynote:

  • We are the first generation that needs to have a digital footprint talk with our kids.  What they put on the ‘net will stay there forever.
  • I need to figure out my dream. To do so, I need to rescue something from my past that I have a passion for; I don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Ask myself: “What did I love?”, not “What do I want to do?”
  • Don’t spend my time aimlessly trying to make money with my blog. I might find myself spending time making enough money to buy back the soul I sold along the way.
  • Don’t compare my beginning to someone else’s middle.
  • Look for hinge moments, those moments that are pivotal in making my dream a reality. The moments that open up that special opportunity.
  • Make time for things that matter, the 3D people in my life.
  • Let my kid be my kid, not my content all the time.
  • Kids don’t live in the later.
  • Learn to disappoint the right people. Hint:  my family is not included in that list of people.
  • Ignore the voices. Both internal and external. Stop chasing after haters. Pay attention to those who love me.
  • Critics math {1 hater + 100 folks who love me = 1 hater} makes those who love you disappear. Don’t fall victim to it.
  • Don’t be afraid to jump shelves. If my heart is taking me in a different direction, follow it. Those that matter will still be there for me.
  • Something that is 90% perfect and shared with others changes the world more than being 100% stuck.

There was quite a bit more packed into that session, and I can’t wait to get access to Blissdom at Home to review it. Thankfully, Jon gave us all a copy of his book so that we could continue to learn about being a quitter and pursuing our passion.

See, that was the overreaching theme of Blissdom: pursuing your passion. Letting everything you do flow from that passion. Living your life in accordance with that passion.

It was absolutely phenomenal. If you ever get a chance to attend Blissdom, I would recommend you do so in a millisecond. It perfectly married technical know-how with lifting you up as a person.

I came away with a much clearer idea of what I wanted to do with my blog and where I’d like to take it in the future. I felt that I belonged. I belonged to a group of caring, creative, and visionary people.

I’m a dork and I almost teared up during the opening video. I couldn’t believe I was sitting at Blissdom, at a table with homeschool bloggers I’d been following since I started blogging, getting absolutely incredible info.

Here is the opening video, courtesy of the Blissdom folks. It is posted on their homepage, but I am sharing it with you here in hopes that it will inspire you.

BlissDom ’12 – Opening Video from Blissful Media Group on Vimeo.

The Better

This post makes more sense if you read yesterday’s post first!

I’m working to make Sweet Phenomena better. There is always room for improvement, and I’m ready to reassess and refocus my attention here.

So, what will be better?

I’m an eclectic homeschooler who started out of necessity.  I’m a mom who never thought I’d be doing this.  Part of the problem with homeschool blogging for me is that I’ve been trying to be something I’m not.  I’m not a faith-based homeschooler.

That, to me, brings about its own unique set of circumstances.  There have to be other folks out there like me.  Have to.  Right?

So one thing I’d like to do is blog more intentionally about the joys, trials, curricula, and life of homeschoolers like me.

Most of that will apply to the vast majority of homeschoolers, since I think many of us use a combination of faith-based resources, lapbooks, and a variety of other resources.

Review blogging has taken time away from blogging about domestic violence awareness.  I’ve got some great long-term goals related to this subject, and it’s time to focus more on it.

That means more intentional blogging about domestic violence awareness.

I also enjoy the flexibility that “lifestyle” blogging allows.  I enjoy talking about stuff that’s going on in our life, and stuff that might be of benefit to other families.

So, I’ll definitely keep lifestyle blogging here.

I think all of this encompasses what I want here: a blog about the things that make life sweet, a blog about the everyday moments that make life phenomenal, a blog about making a difference, a blog about looking at life with a touch of pizzazz.

The majority of this is in line with the goals I had for 2012 anyway, but I really feel Blissdom helped me realign my priorities.

Stick around. There are some great things coming in the next couple of months…


“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” -Marilyn Monroe

This quote sums up what I’m feeling right now.  Sweet Phenomena is a good thing.  I’m proud of what I’ve created.

That said, I feel like it’s not really where I want it to be.  I feel like it’s started to fall apart.

I know I’ve mentioned before that I tend to throw myself into things backwards:  I get excited, start something, then learn along the way, and polish it.

Someone at Blissdom mentioned that there was nothing wrong with that because otherwise, I might talk myself out of doing new stuff.  Yep, that’s what I’m going to tell myself.

I started Sweet Phenomena as a way to document our homeschooling life.  Well, I never thought I’d still be homeschooling.  And, I don’t create my own curriculum and resources, so it’s difficult to just blog exclusively about homeschooling.

Every once in a while I have a moment of homeschool blogging genius, but it’s not something I’m passionate enough about to write exclusively about it.

Or wait, no that’s a lie.  It’s too broad.  I feel I need to narrow my focus.

I started doing reviews and giveaways and thought that would be fun.  Get free stuff?  Sure.  Give stuff away to my awesome readers?  Sure.

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing giveaways for you guys.  I still plan to offer them from time to time.

I still plan to do reviews.  One: I’m a member of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew for the remainder of 2012.  They’re reworking things over there a bit, and I’m really looking forward to making that a quality part of Sweet Phenomena.

Two: there are items out there that I think work well with homeschooling.  I will, however, be more selective about what I review.  I’m doing too many right now and it’s cutting out all the creativity and fun.  That’s not what I want.

It’s time for Sweet Phenomena to fall together into something better.  But what’s better?  Find out tomorrow!


Sweet Critique: Don’t Clog the Blog

dont clog the blog dos and donts of blogging ebookHow do I…? What should I…? What is…?

If you’re a blogger, chances are you’ve asked questions like these.  About a variety of topics.  To anyone who would listen.

In my opinion, even if you blog for yourself or your friends, you want your little corner of the ‘net to reflect you, to look good and be easy to navigate.  Otherwise you wouldn’t spend time doing it.

I remember starting my blog and having so many questions.  Sure, you can find answers via Google.  I do remember having to sift through tons of it though.

For this reason, I think Sadie Lankford’s new ebook, Don’t Clog the Blog, is a great resource for those looking to perfect their craft.

Sadie’s book is full of small morsels of information, what to do and what not to do, and it’s very easy to digest.  One of the best things about the book is the fact that Sadie states at the beginning that blogging is a personal thing, and there are exceptions to every rule.  What’s most important is to stay true to who you are.

Using this guiding principle, you can read through the ebook and learn what tips best apply to you, such as how often to post, what to write about, and the best way to use social media.

Want to get your blog going quickly and efficiently? This is the ebook for you!

True Confessions:  I was provided with a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.