Sweet Critique: CLARO Acne Clearing Device

I {thankfully} have never really had to worry about terrible acne.  I had your typical skin problems as a teenager, and suffer from a few blemishes each month.  Other than that, it’s not a huge issue for me.

Still, none are better than some, and the sooner I can get rid of my acne the better.

There are many devices out there that claim to get rid of your acne, but unfortunately many of them are hard to use, smelly, or downright painful.  Other times it just takes too long for them to work.

The CLARO IPL Acne Clearing Device

Yes, I was skeptical.  Yes, it seemed a little too good to be true.  Yes, I was scared.

The CLARO uses intense pulsed light {IPL} technology to deliver heat and light directly to the acne.  This info was taken from the CLARO site:

The bacteria that cause acne produces a compound called porphyrin, CLARO uses heat and light to stimulate porphyrin to produce singlet oxygen that attacks and eliminates the acne bacteria.

To use, you simply turn the device on, place the treatment window over your pimple, and press the button.  The device flashes light on the pimple 10 times.  You repeat this a second time, completing one treatment.

You can treat the same pimple three times in a 24 hour period, waiting eight hours between treatments.

What I Thought

I messed up and did not treat the same pimple after our initial treatment, so our results are a little skewed.

That said, even after that one treatment I can tell that this little device works.  After one round of treatment and 24 hours, the acne treated had significantly reduced in size and redness.

I like this device for what it claims to treat:  mild to moderate acne.  If you have severe acne, you’d spend all your time moving this thing from pimple to pimple.

For a few pimples, though, you can easily treat them quickly and be on your way.  There’s no messy creams, no excessive steps, you just turn it on, press a button, and in a few seconds you’re done.

I know you want to know if it hurt.  I wanted to know.  I was scared to try it.

So, I did what any good blogger would do and asked my husband if he’d sacrifice his comfort for me.

He did, and he survived.

Aside from my excitement and subsequent trigger-happy fingers going to town treating pimples {which caused some moderate heat}, he said he didn’t feel a thing.

At $194.99, it might be a bit pricey for some folks.  If you are looking for an investment in something that is not consumable, this is a great one.  It’s quick, easy, clean, and effective.

True Confessions:  I have received the reviewed product from Best Buy for free.  All opinions are my own.