The Better

This post makes more sense if you read yesterday’s post first!

I’m working to make Sweet Phenomena better. There is always room for improvement, and I’m ready to reassess and refocus my attention here.

So, what will be better?

I’m an eclectic homeschooler who started out of necessity.  I’m a mom who never thought I’d be doing this.  Part of the problem with homeschool blogging for me is that I’ve been trying to be something I’m not.  I’m not a faith-based homeschooler.

That, to me, brings about its own unique set of circumstances.  There have to be other folks out there like me.  Have to.  Right?

So one thing I’d like to do is blog more intentionally about the joys, trials, curricula, and life of homeschoolers like me.

Most of that will apply to the vast majority of homeschoolers, since I think many of us use a combination of faith-based resources, lapbooks, and a variety of other resources.

Review blogging has taken time away from blogging about domestic violence awareness.  I’ve got some great long-term goals related to this subject, and it’s time to focus more on it.

That means more intentional blogging about domestic violence awareness.

I also enjoy the flexibility that “lifestyle” blogging allows.  I enjoy talking about stuff that’s going on in our life, and stuff that might be of benefit to other families.

So, I’ll definitely keep lifestyle blogging here.

I think all of this encompasses what I want here: a blog about the things that make life sweet, a blog about the everyday moments that make life phenomenal, a blog about making a difference, a blog about looking at life with a touch of pizzazz.

The majority of this is in line with the goals I had for 2012 anyway, but I really feel Blissdom helped me realign my priorities.

Stick around. There are some great things coming in the next couple of months…