TOS Sweet Critique: Action Alert


What:  Action Alert

Cost:  Free limited-functionality option OR maximum protection for $29.99

Recommended Ages:  Any



Action Alert is internet safety software designed to help protect your child during computer time.

Two options are available for parents:

  • a free option that gives you everything you need to keep your child safe online
  • a paid option {$29.99} that also provides you with multiple user protection, full social media monitoring, and a fully customizable program

Action Alert gives you the following internet safety tools:



I was happy to get the chance to review this item, since Babydoll does spend quite a bit of time on the internet.  This software comes with an impressive set of tools to really help you protect your children.  A few of my favorite features were:

  • Ability to shut down the computer remotely
  • Activity video recording
  • Site blocking
  • Content filtering
  • Keystroke, chat, and email logging

While I don’t yet have a need for all of these just yet {Babydoll doesn’t use email or chat}, I appreciate the way this program can grow with your child.

I have the ability to protect her from unsafe search results and content right now, and then can monitor social media and email use, shut down the computer remotely if I need to, and set time limits for her in the future.

Unfortunately, her screen went out in the middle of testing the program, so I didn’t really get to use the product to it’s fullest potential.

I did get email updates on her activity and she did notice the safe search feature as well.  Those two alone were awesome to have.

The user manual does a great job of taking you through all the steps necessary to full protect your child online.

At $29.99, it’s a bargain compared to other programs and really has some great features not present in others.

Action Alert is the only internet safety software endorsed by the Child Safety Network and it has won the Disney iParenting Award.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the parent dashboard:


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True Confessions:  I received the maximum protection version of this product in exchange for an honest review.