I’ve Got Gas

Gas is expensive.  You really notice it when you have a husband who makes a two hour round-trip commute for work.

And I’m just going to put this out there:  It’s also not much fun to purchase.

The yummy fresh pasta I purchased today-that’s a fun purchase.

My new vacuum-fun purchase all the way.

Gas-eh, not so much.

Enter MurPay!

Who thought that buying gas could be made fun, convenient, AND frugal?  Not me…

MurPay allows users to text the amount they’ll be spending on gas {up to $125} and receive a custom code to purchase that gas.

This code is good for 24 hours, and when you do use the code at the pump, you’ll get the best gas price in the past 24 hours or three cents off per gallon, whichever is less.

That’s right, the cheapest price on gas!  Just because you texted them!  How insanely awesome is that?

So insanely awesome.

But how does all this awesome work?

  1. Sign up for MurPay.  It’s FREE and only takes a few minutes.
  2. Verify your checking account information.
  3. Text “MURPAY” and the dollar amount you’d like to spend on gas to 304050.
  4. Pay for your gas using your unique code and Customer Verification Number.
  5. Go! You only pay for what you actually purchase, even if your code was for more!

Let’s do this!

We’re smack-dab in the middle of soccer season, which means we’re trekking hither and yon, in addition to Vince’s commute.

With an away game this weekend, Babydoll and I decided to try out our new-fangled way to get gas.

I sent a text the previous night:

Out the door we head!

This game was almost 30 miles away, one way; almost 60 miles round trip!

Considering she had two games this weekend, plus she’ll be playing in a tournament about 30 miles away next weekend which will warrant three round trips, the mileage starts to add up fast.

The game was over and it was time to get gas and head home.

Murphy USA wasn’t too far from where we were, so we headed that way.  This was a new-to-us store.

We got there and found something we hadn’t seen before, an Additech console!  This allows you to purchase additives for your gasoline, designed to clean your engine.  It talked to us!

It was time to purchase my gas with my handy code.  Excuse the glare, it was rather difficult to get a good shot with the sun the level it was!

Next you would enter your Customer Verification Number, watch your savings appear, and get to pumping.

An employee was heading out to tell me I couldn’t take pictures, so I wasn’t able to get pictures of that process, but I bet you can imagine what it looks like.

Why is this so cool again?

Several reasons!  I love my smartphone and it was fun using it to purchase gas!

Then there’s the huge one:  the savings you get.  The best price in a 24 hour period or three cents off {whichever is less}, you can’t beat that man!

There’s something else about MurPay that I think is really cool for households that are trying to budget gas for teenagers, multiple drivers, etc.

You can set purchase limits and product restrictions:

They also have an app!

Of course I’m going to love an app if I enjoyed purchasing gas on my phone!

The Murphy USA app lets you find gas prices nearby {including competitor prices – Murphy USA knows who has the best price}, gives you driving directions to the nearest Murphy USA, allows you to use MurPay, and lets you sign up for coupons and discounts!

It does all of this for free.

This is an awful lot for a gas station yes?

Yes, but you know what I love about it?  It shows that Murphy USA cares about its customers.

Sure, not every person will use every helpful tool that they provide, but they’ve provided several options in the hopes that one will work for their customers.

Let me know if you use the MurPay service and what you think!

True Confessions:  I was compensated for this post.  It was still tons of fun to learn about this service and to use it.  As always, all statements are my own opinions.