It’s Party Time! Woot Woot! #UBP12

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Oh my gosh, how fun is that banner up there?!

That’s right, it’s super fun!  As it should be; the Ultimate Blog Party is quite possibly one of the most fun annual events in all the blogosphere.

I joined last year and met quite a few super-awesome bloggers {like That Odd Mom}, found some great blogs, and even won a prize!

So, despite my being fashionably late to the party, I had to join up again this year!

Who Am I?


My name is Tiffany and I’m the pizzazz-filled chick behind Sweet Phenomena.

I’m a wife, I’m a mom, I’m a homeschooler {who, by the way, does not wear dresses and does not grow my hair long and does not homeschool for religious reasons; although, my hair is long, because I like it that way…}, I’m a social media maven {no, really, that’s my job title, for real}, I’m a blogger, I’m a volunteer, and I’m a gamer.

I’m several other things, too, but those give you a good idea of who I am.  I have a stellar husband {Vince}, a sweet daughter {Babydoll}, a stupendous cat {Princess}, and a swell dog {Winston Fitzpatrick}.

You can read more about me here.

What is Sweet Phenomena?


Sweet Phenomena is a blog about life, homeschooling, domestic violence awareness, and all the super-uber stuff that makes life worth living!

You’ll find product reviews, giveaways, thoughts on homeschooling, information on domestic violence, and lots more.

An eBook is on the way next month as well, which I am so excited about!  From there I’d like to start developing resources and curriculum devoted to teaching children about domestic violence, prevention, and more.

Sweet Phenomena is also getting a face lift in the next couple of weeks!

Lots going on here!! If you’d like to read more about the blog, you can do so here.

Party On!


Hang out, check out those big pretty pink buttons to the right, and let me know you came by {so I can stop in at your place!}.

It’s nice to meet you!