I Got a Vacuum and Chocolate Eggs…How Was Your Week?

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Jealous much?

I thought so.

No, really, I would be, too.  Vacuums totally rock, especially when they’re new and they suck as they should.

And chocolate eggs?  I mean, Cadbury chocolate eggs?  Filled with caramel?  Skip-and-squee-around-the-kitchen kind of good.

That snazzy looking piece of home cleaning goodness up there is my new vacuum.  Wanna know what makes it even sweeter?

I got it for $100.  Instead of $250.

Can you believe that?  No, no I couldn’t either.

It was the floor model and I needed a vacuum so I made the bold move of purchasing it.  I’ve already vacuumed and calmed myself to the gentle whirring…

So, it’s been one of those weeks.  Not necessarily bad, just busy.  I can’t believe I haven’t updated Sweet Phenomena in a week.

I feel completely shameful.  I apologize.

But you know, I have good excuses, like chocolate eggs and vacuums.  And a neutered dog and a Babydoll that needed to see the doctor and a homeowners’ association SNAFU and a neutered dog that needed to go back to the doctor and life.

I should really start listening to Vince.  He does, after all, have kick booty time management skills.  They’re rather intricate, but revolve around just saying “NO!”.

Wanna know what I feel like right now?

someecards.com - This orange juice tastes funny! Oh right....the champagne is missing...


That’s right.  I’m feeling like my OJ needs a little kick.

So, I raise my glass to you, Sweet Phenomena peeps.  I’m relaxing this evening with some lasagna, chocolate eggs, a vacuum, and some TV.

Possibly a margarita.  Or three.

And then tomorrow I shall start anew, shuttling Babydoll off to soccer, writing killer content {after all, I have my stupendous content calendar from Content Brew}, and vacuuming.

Blinds, stairs, carpets, bare floors, nothing shall be safe from my awesome appliance.

Wish me luck.