One is Entirely Too Many

There are many things we want lots of.  I want lots of chocolate, great memories with my family, and good things said about me.

Then, there are some things that even one is too many:  spiders, Brussels sprouts, and domestic abuse.

We know the one in four statistic: one in four women have been a victim of domestic violence at some point in their life.

What we don’t know so well are these other statistics:

1 is 2 Many

The White House recently released a new PSA for the 1 is 2 Many campaign.

Folks, one is too many.  Entirely too many.

I know we often focus on grown women who are affected by violence, but I think it is equally as important to focus on our daughters, and to do so before it’s too late.

I appreciate the campaign’s information for parents about talking to their teens.  We really need to do it before then, though.

Don’t wait till your daughter comes home one day with a black eye.  Don’t wait till she’s been forced to do something she didn’t want to.

Do it now.  It doesn’t matter if she’s only five, or eight, or ten.  You can still talk to her about violence in an age-appropriate manner.

Unfortunately, the world we live in is filled with mean people, and no amount of sheltering is going to change that fact.  Equip your daughters for life.

And, equip your sons.  Teach them that there are appropriate ways to express their anger.

Teach them that it’s never OK to hit anyone.  Teach them it’s never OK to yell and say hurtful things.

Teach them it’s not OK to control someone.

We can’t keep putting a band-aid on this problem; we need to address the root, and like most things, it starts in the home.